Jet Set Radio future emulated at full speed

I’ve been testing this out myself on Cxbx reloaded. I’m running an i7-3770k and if I don’t have it at 60hz and with vsync forced, it runs TOO fast. I did try Orta and PD1, but Orta seems to struggle displaying the intro logos at even a single frame per 30 seconds for some reason, so I haven’t even been able to get into the game yet. PD1 seems very garbled right now, you can see half the title screen and that’s about it. It doesn’t seem like it’s capable of rendering above 640x480 right now, but I’m hyped enough to see games actually playable. For once, the future is looking bright for original xbox emulation.

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This would be great. My Dreamcast and Xbox games are the only ones packed in the loft that I can’t run well on an emulator yet.