Japanese vs Panzerese

I’ve recently started learning Japanese, and am just wondering which language they actually speak in PDS. Should I be trying to learn from it, or will I accidentally end up learning German instead? :anjou_embarassed:

Panzerese in intro and outro, Japanese everywhere else. Or something like that.

Up until you wake up Underground at the start of the game, everything you hear is “Panzerese”. It changes back to Panzerese as soon as you beat Sestren in disc 4.

Everything else is Japanese, or so I’ve been told.

Panzerese in the intro and outro. It’s Japanese in the rest, for a very important fictional reason.

Haha you know it to be true.

Was it French for the second game, or something else?

Nah, that was all Panzerese.

The main character’s name meaning “Monday” in French is a coincidence.