Japan wants a Panzer Sequel

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In the latest Famitsu there was a poll which sequel Japanese Gamers want to see: http://kotaku.com/5238574/what-sequels-does-japan-want

At least Panzer Dragoon has not been forgotten by a few gamers :slight_smile:


Look at the amount of SEGA games on that list :). Shame then that the number of votes for the likes of JSRF II, Panzer Dragoon V, Sakura ECT, is about the same number of people that actually went out and bought them, even in Japan :frowning:

Yeah! Especially Shenmue ranked as #2 made me think the same.
Anyway, nice that the name Panzer Dragoon is still present after 15 years in the japanese gaming press.

Maybe we?ll see a sequel someday. Hell, even Thunderforce was revived after 11 years.


Huh? Xenogears was ace, it’s one of Square’s finest titles from that era, if not all eras. A little on the short side compared to their FF games but pretty damn good, with some very atmospheric sections which in fact reminded me of Panzer Dragoon. It was nothing like the Xenosaga titles if you judge it by those. Not that I go by reviews, I don’t think I even read one before today (yet I played the game a decade ago), but it was certainly well received by critics. Anyway, good to see Panzer Dragoon remembered outside this forum.



wait what O_o, you must have mistaken it with some other Xeno game.
steals pic :slight_smile:

I think its simple down to its by Square and its somehow cool to hate anything Square Do. I don’t like their RPG’s much (GameArts RPG’s have always been my picks) , but Xenogeras is a quality production if you like that sort of thing.

Amazed to see Bullet Witch there though. I like the game , and given good production values and a good Team and Producer a lot can be done with that game . I think its about time SEGA Japan made its own action/combat game , its losing too much ground to Team Ninja, Capcom and Platinium .

Instead of paying others Teams to do it for them , SEGA should put its Own In-House Team to work a game of that type , and let the Team could mad

Xenogears was alright until you got to disc 2.

The developers bit off more than they could chew, so to speak. same thing happened with the xenosaga series.

You know, any other industry, if every customer wanted more of the same, the product would be AMAZING.

Just beat Xenogears today, after having played it a decade ago, it’s a wonderful game and deserves to have a few more Episodes turned into games. Or a remake.