James Cameron's Avatar - shades of Panzer Dragoon?

Check out the trailer here: apple.com/trailers/fox/avata … small.html

Note the dragon-like creatures towards the end of the trailer.

I thought some of the creature design is great, yeah. Not so much the “stars” of the show though. Feline aliens?

Thats trailer made me think just how anwsome a panzer dragoon movie would be.

How about geting some signatures and sending them to a movie company.

I know our chances are like 0.00000000000000002%, but why not? We won?t loose anything if we try.

Its reminds me very much of Mobo and the Wormriders from Orta .

That’s impressive, I’ll have to see it 3D for sure. Nothing about it really suggests the sort of style I’d want a Panzer Dragoon movie to represent, it’s too… clean almost. I wonder if Cameron could be a hidden furry, almost seems like he’s got a thing for animal humanoid hybrid themes?

And windrider, in theory I’d love to see a great PD film, but that definitely falls into the “be careful what you wish for” category. I would get a sinking feeling if I ever heard it was happening.

I can’t wait for Avatar. Looks great!

I saw Avatar this afternoon. A stunning film, both in presentation and story, although it’s certainly a Hollywood movie at it’s core… but in a refreshing way. Hopefully the planned trilogy will become a reality.

I won’t spoil anything, but if you’re a Panzer Dragoon fan you’ve got to see this film. There are many similarities, not just in the style, but the themes of the movie as well. I wonder if James Cameron had played Orta or any of the Saturn Panzer games before making the film.

The trailer looks great, and I want to see this film as well. It looks like an epic film!
I don’t know if a PD movie is a good idea; the anime wasn’t good, and Hollywood has been generating garbage movies based on games lately; if you have read any info on the King of Fighters movie, you’ll see what i mean. Hopefully the Prince of Persia movie will break this trend.

I saw this yesterday, it was fantastic. And I got very heavy PD vibes. Towards the end it felt like I was watching a movie based on the second level of Orta.

I wouldn’t be too surprised if Cameron had played any of the Panzer Dragoon games, I know he’s a big nerd. If not him, I feel someone working on the movie was definitely influenced by PD.

That’s exactly what I felt. It’s amazing how many similarities there are between the two.

The Dragons in the movie reminded me as this game also. The movie was amazing in 3D. I wish more good movies would have 3D showings.

I think movies like Avatar will do a lot for spreading 3D technology in movies.

It’s understandable why it isn’t universal though - it requires the purchase of an extremely expensive digital projector (I think they go for about $100k). Digital projectors main “benefit” used to be that they look about as good as 35mm but the picture won’t degrade after multiple showings. Since theaters already had 35mm projectors and it’s rare for movies to last even a month.

Please don’t compare something like Avatar to PD. It was like sci-fi Titatnic to the T.

That’s a little harsh Ehndow? I just finally watched Avatar and am very impressed all around, like it’s almost hard to believe Cameron could go from something as overwrought as Titanic to this masterpiece actually. Sure, the plot is a grab bag of proven - and well trod - tropes and sentiment, but it’s arranged and executed brilliantly IMO.

I could relate to the depression I’ve heard played up - Pandora withdrawal or something like - if only because the film shows just how good this sort of thing can be, but it’ll be a long time before anything else actually is that good. Cameron seems to have found what Lucas clearly lost, but with the advantage of experience (and power) to deliver something with virtually no shortcomings at all.

To the topic, yeah it’s more suggestive of the possibilities for a PD movie than I really expected. Though not at all the same sort of atmosphere PD needs. But again, a PD film would NEED to be this good to not dissapoint…

Nemoide, there’s two big reasons why stereoscopic movies may finally be more than a novelty: the underlying technology has been invested in enough to mitigate the eye strain / fatigue factors and make the effect itself really worth it; and the more direct advantage of digital projectors for 3D, is that the operational cost is not significantly different. Not compared to needing 2x projectors and 2x sets of reels.