Jade Empire (New Bioware X-Box Game)


Thought some of you X-Box owners might be interested in this…
It centairly looks good so far :slight_smile:

my mom wont let me play rated m games. but i do own one Fable. your the guy who thought i was a guy and wondered why i wanted everyone to agree with me. it was only if they wanted to. im a leader not a follower. i know that Fable is rated m but my mom finally let me get it after a long argunmet and a long and loud “talk” then finally succeded :anjou_happy: (crowd cheering) any way if my mom would let me get another rated m game, i would probally get Jade Empire. do you think you cant tell me some stuff about the game?

How old are you?

im 13 U K Narayan

any other questions?

im 13
my name is Catherine
i love video games
my life sucks
i own a shot gun
my dog bites me
i love Panzer Dragoon Orta
i have one rated M game
how are you feeling?

Lets keep this on topic…

I’ll probably pick up Jade Empire at some point, but at the moment I’ve decided to give it a miss while I play other games/do other stuff. It looks like a great game, however.

Or let’s keep it dead as the original date is Sat Sep 27, 2003

How is Jade Empire?

I was actually thinking about picking this up the other day. I need something that isn’t an FPS, dammit.

I bought it the other day.Been playing ever since.The beginning was a bit unpromising but after a couple of hours it got pretty exciting!The game is great a lot better than KOTOR as far as gameplay is concerned.Also I like the mythos better and also the scenarios.The only thing I have still to attest is the dialogue.Altho there have been some interesting convos I have style to get really gripped (like I was by Jolee for example in KOTOR).

But this game is sweet! so far.

I’ve played it… game was good, until about chapter 4 when the whole ending was massively rushed… like KOTOR 2 in fact sigh. Plus I wouldve liked to have seen more of the world. Very nice backgorund and artistic imagery though, plenty of room for expanison.

Still it is an open secret that one of teh four bioware teams is working on Jade Empire 2 for the 360, the other three projetcs being dragon age, mass effect and NWN premium modules

A new interview that was posted on Xbox Evolved, in which it mainly talks about Mass Effect, but it does strongly hint at the notion that a Jade Empire sequel is in the works for the 360. Have a read.