It's time

list… in order… your favorite panzer dragoon games. you may give reasons if you wish (and don’t follow my example for listing your reasons, i’m lazy and sleepy so i get to use lists of single words. you must be more eloquent.), but i mainly want to settle a suspicion of mine about this community. now as for me:

zwei - golia, randoula, nuse, guardian dragon, shelcoof, georgius, skydart, music, meccania, intensity, watching lagi grow.

orta - story, fallen ground, eternal glacies, els enora, legacy, forbidden memories, imperial city, intensity, characters.

PD - sky rider, sand worms, lake, desert, capitol, dark dragon, tower, giant dark dragon, intensity, orchestral music.

saga - story, characters, insight, sestren, music, berserks, mer kava, uru tower, dragon forms.

of course they were all excellent in my mind.

PD Azel - The gameplay did it for this one.And also the plot.I liked pretty much everything in it.The cameos helped the linking between Saga and the older games.Paet and Gash and Zastava were just great characters and the level design for this game is awesome.Those 3 battles (Atolm’s final form,Grig Orig,Specter) and the cutscenes between them make the best gaming experience I ever felt.Then there is the first tower level…
Amazing.Zoah was great…

PD Zwei - Agehn the intro plays a big part in the whole picture.That’s one of the strong points of the PD games.They just stun you right in the beginning.
This game was my first PD game and the music allied with the whole Lagi and Lundi relationship just had a huge emotional impact…
The boss battle agehnst the Golia seemed to take place in a parallel world…
I felt I was really there.

PD Proto (1) - That FMV intro is just the best intro I ever saw in a videogame (ex equo with PDSaga and Soul Reaver 2).Then comes the Dark Dragon.I fell in love with it’s design the first time I saw it.But the strongest element in this game is clearly the soundtrack.It just pwns!Take “The Imperial District Goes Up In Flames” for example… O_O The first time I saw the Prototype Dragon I knew “ok this series just owns me now”

PD Orta - The gameplay is the best in virtually any game I played so far.Battle gameplay anyways.I like Mobo,Ponta and the Wormriders.I loved the level design yet agehn.Pandora’s Box - my second home.

EDIT:Sorry I forgot I had to put them in order of “likingness” :stuck_out_tongue:
Not exactly the same question in those threads but there’s deffinitelly a lot of replies in them that apply here too…

In order? Let’s see…

Saga: Definately the best in the series. The world, the detail, the storyline, the characters… they were all excellent. The morphing system. The music and the battle system absolutely ruled. The overall style was sublime.

Orta: Like Gehn said, the battle system was excellent, fast, and was quite tactical. The storyline and extras were deep for a shooter. The wormriders, the further insight into the Ancients goals… most of this can be found in the “what was right about Orta” topic.

Zwei: The first Panzer game that I ever played. The whole atmosphere was amazing and the simple story that there was was touching. The third and fourth stages are possibly the best ever in a Panzer game, and the soundtrack was the best (IMO). Actually, this game should probably be tied with Orta.

The Original: The intro… spectacular. The fast paced feel to the fourth episode. The dark dragon. The music. The fact that it started so many of the things that make the PD series so great.


you need not list reasons unless you really want to, i just want to see where they rank in the minds of the peoples.

PD. For that intro if nothing else. It’s also got the best bosses in the series, and the music rocks.

Zwei. I like the fastest pace of the game. And Ep 5 and the last boss are just stunning. Plus it’s the best looking 32 bit around (Saturn can’t do 3d my ass)

Orta. Combines the best part of the 1st 2 Panzer games. I.e. the fast gameplay of Zwei, and the stunning and huge bosses of Panzer Dragoon.

Plus amazing enough it even takes the morphing and boss weak spots found in SAGA.

SAGA. I find it?s unfair to compare it to the rest of the series. Simply because it?s a RPG. And doesn?t play like the rest.
Even though it keeps the Panzer Trademarks like the Water effects, stunning graphics, sounds (best music score around), art design and CGI.

What I can say it?s with out a doubt the best 32 bits, 128-bit RP. And the 2nd best RPG I have ever played. Lunar on the Mega CD is sill the best imo

#1: PDS. Its greatest appeal to me was that it finally explored the utterly mysterious PD universe in depth, and the rich world that was revealed was no disappointment. The storyline was interesting and excellently paced, and even though the game was fairly linear it created an amazing sense of being immersed in the fictional world; the people and places really felt believable and alive. I was impressed that Team Andromeda managed to adapt the gameplay elements of the previous games into a truly enjoyable RPG system, too. To me, the game simply felt as “epic” as a computer game could be.

#2: PDO. Gameplay-wise it seemed to reach the height of its genre. It managed to address the gameplay shortcomings of PDZ and PD1 while adding in compelling new features of its own; it was so enjoyable that I didn’t put it own until I’d got a 100% shot down ratio and an S grade for every Episode. I was really pleased that the game had an original storyline that didn’t just dig up the resolved plot of PDS, and the depth of story successfully mixed the mystery of the first two games with the sheer world-building of the RPG. From an aesthetic point of view, The Fallen Ground is one of my favourite parts of the entire series, too.

#3: PDZ. The atmosphere conjured up by the visuals and soundtrack was excellent, and the minimalistic storyline created a wonderful sense of mystery. For me, PDZ had some of the most memorable enemy designs, environments and scenes in the whole series: Shelcoof itself, the fight through the Meccania outpost in Episode 2, the battle with the Golia, the Episode 4 boss, the flight over the frozen sea of Georgius, and the massive Guardian Dragon have all been unforgettable for me.

#4: PD1. The game that started it all just had an amazing “wow” factor, and like PDZ it was dominated by memorable moments: the opening sequence with its wonderful soundtrack, the Dark Dragon, the whole of Episode 1, the enormous sandworms lunging out of the desert in Episode 2, the atmospheric wasteland of Episode 3 and the military chaos of Episode 5; the sheer sense of speed created by Episodes 4 and 6 has barely been recreated since. I thought that the almost completely silent and visual narrative of the opening and ending sequences was brilliantly executed too, and as with PDZ it created its own unique sense of wonder.

(By the way, that’s not so much why I like the games in of themselves but why I like them compared to one another; I’d probably be here all day otherwise.)