It's the year of the dragon

Capcom is releasing an on-rails shooter with dragons for the Xbox 360 Kinect. The music is composed by Saori Kobayashi. It’s called Crimson Dragon.

Video here: … 14845.html

I guess this is technically the right forum for the game, I’ll post what I said in the Seeker’s Stronghold here as well:

This is the official name for Project Draco now. New screenshots here:

The graphics look amazing for an XBox360 game, let alone an XBLA one (although there seems to be some confusion about whether or not it might end up being a retail game after all).

Someone also posted a link on facebook to the following page, at the bottom you’ll find new Project Draco screenshots and higher-res version of those posted in the first link.

Also interesting to note: the game was apparently co-developed with Land Ho. That’s the same company credited for the Panzer Dragoon PS2 conversion.

Here’s a stream of the presentation with actual gameplay footage, the music is very reminiscent of Panzer Dragoon as well:

I should have caught that sooner. I fixated on Kobayashi’s name for sound, but neglected the director which was the first person listed. Heh. I guess I was expecting Sega to be the publisher.

Regardless, I’m excited.

Same here, I thought Microsoft would be the only publisher, but to see Capcom instead of Sega is a bit odd. It makes you wonder if there’s ever a chance of the same team working with the Panzer Dragoon license anymore,…

EDIT: it doesn’t seem like Capcom is publishing this game, their logo was only shown because they were showing their own Kinect title. Most likely Microsoft will be the publisher.

Crimson Dragon is shaping up very well.

The campsite where you upgrade your dragon reminds me of the campsites in PDS.

The music at the end of the trailer reminds me the mutated monster battle theme in Saga.

My main concern is the controls. The aim looked rather floaty in the demo. But overall, the latest footage has made me very excited. :anjou_happy:

I have to admit, I’m keeping an eye on this now.

I’m curious about the story now. Although I don’t expect it to be deep, it might suck you in. The art is really good.

I expect it to have a minimal story like PD1 and 2, given that this is an XBLA game. That’s not a bad thing though; those stories raised lots of questions through their omission of background detail.

Crimson Dragon’s story takes place in a sci-fi world on another planet. I don’t know much else at this point, other than that it seems to contain a lot more dragons than Panzer’s world.

I’m guessing that if there’s anyone out there who still loves rail shooters, they’d be all over this.

The problem is that it’s Kinect only, which is no doubt because of Microsoft. They need a Kinect title aimed at hardcore gamers and a “Panzer Dragoon” railshooter is perfectly suited for that. This already limits how many people are going to be able to play this game. But I doubt Microsoft is really worried about sales here, they just want to use the game to promote Kinect. On the other hand, I think those sales are going to really matter to Sega. If Sega sees there’s a market for railshooters on XBLA, then we might see Panzer Dragoon HD remakes for XBLA/PSN as well.

ah that is why i love this forum !!

This will be the only reason why I will be purchasing a Kinect. I have to admit that this is making me quite excited. It has been a while since I have been looking forward to a game’s release.

Buying the soundtrack if nothing else! Excellent.

The rest looks good, too. And to think I had just started considering the idea of buying a 360! What a coincidence. :anjou_happy:

The screenshots made this game look so ugly. What I saw so far has only been frustrating. Then, seeing the actual game in motion and hearing the soundtrack kinda managed to get me excited about it nevertheless.

Still, the art direction of this title sucks, incredibly so.

I guess a skeleton of a Panzer game with an ugly skin is the best we can hope for these days.
Has it been confirmed that there won’t be an option to play it with a controller a la Child of Eden?

The dragons are super ugly, and all the starting ones only have minor differences, I hope they evolve in better forms. A couple of the environments are promising. But overall it feels like what new-SEGA would do to Panzer Dragoon and another leap to the wrong direction, if Orta was a small step. But I guess it’s more excused since it’s not actually Panzer Dragoon, even though anyone who raves about it likens it to that and it’s the primary reason to be interested… It might be a cool shooter in its own right, like S&P2…

Futatsugi said that all the things he wanted to do with Panzer he had already done, so the different looking dragons are likely a consequence of that. There are still elements of Panzer in there, but it’s clearly a different world than the world left behind by the ancients. There are some similarities, but it was never supposed to be Panzer Dragoon (or competing with Panzer Dragoon).

As much as I would love a game like this, I just don’t care for the Kinect’s lack of precision. I have to admit I am thankful this is a different world and not related to Panzer as I just don’t have the money to spend on a Kinect and one game.

The concept and the video’s look fantastic though.

the whole fanbase response reminds me of the ff13 clash :smiley:

if it would not have been called a final fantasy game, people probably would simply applaud for its great points it has , and look at the negative points more neutral (though they exist) .

Likewise it was a wise decission to call it crimson dragons and let the ancients sleep so far… It will shine on points where panzer dragoon did not.

As a fan its a bummer, but I respect the decission. Who needs bad word abuses like phantasy star online , which doesnt shine in any point like phantasy star IV ? Though, as an online game itself, it probably wasnt that bad at all (never had the money to play it online).

lets have some respect for the game design alright ? People work hard on games and its not healthy to call something ugly, simply because it doesnt serve your egoism and wishes.

lets have some more love and respect for those we claim to respect .

Can I use this game without kinect?

Motion sensors piss me off, i wanna sit down in any position and play games dammit!

The whole game is designed around Kinect, so there does not appear to be a controller option.