It's all Orta's fault really... rofl

[quote]One your body is mine,
I shall be able to reproduce myself infinitely![/quote]

If Orta didn’t exist or was so special there wouldn’t of been a need for Lagi to appear. Because then there wouldn’t be a time of great distress. Because Abadd wouldn’t of had the option to reproduce himself infinitely. Because Orta wouldn’t exist. (Of course, unless you want to bring ‘intent’ into the equation, in which case she has no fault through intent, but rather from existence - you could easily switch it back and say if Abadd never existed etc… but how many bad guys have you come across that depend on the existence of the body of the good guy to fulfil an evil purpose (reproduce infinitely) to make them the ‘bad guy’ in the first place? Considering he was never ‘evil’ before he had the option of using Orta. Then again he might’ve been.

What special properties Orta has that will allow Abadd to reproduce himself infinitely is anyones guess - any thoughts? We know she has the ability to pass down her genes like any human, but I doubt that’s the technicality of reproducing yourself infinitely Abadd mentions. I guess Abadd has knowledge that allows him to utilise her genes that will allow “normal” drones to replicate, but he could just take a sample of her genes and use that, instead he need her whole body. Any thoughts?

ANYWAY… if Orta hadn’t existed, Abadd would simply of continued looking for a way to ressurect his “Ancient Masters” (Episode 2 Event 1) and there was no need for a Dragon to appear in times of distress.

Very early in the game:

I have been searching for you

You… know who I am?

I have forseen you destiny.
You must save this doomed world from itself.

We then find out that he cannot ressurect his Ancient Masters, after a period of time he finds a way (I assume) to reproduce himself infinitely by using Orta somehow (which is never explained). It is at this point that you battle him (Episode 7 boss) and he becomes a ‘bad guy’ and no longer a neutral figure. Well, at least to the audience. We can assume that at the end of Episode 5 the whole point of him leading Orta to a place where she’s transported inside Sestren, so he probably figured out that the way to reproduce himself infinitely was to have Orta inside Sestren - she was created there after all ?]. This is of course -my- personal opinion.

I’m probably wrong though. If you think about it, the Empire sent out to kill Orta from the beginning ?], then we later hear Evren say “Get the Dragon, We can get the girl later”… so we know they just don’t want to kill her, or maybe just her body (dead or alive) for purposes never explained - make more dragonmares?

At Episode 8 Event 1:

Grand admiral Sir!
Th-the Cradle! Its’s been activated?!

Excellent. The time has finally come to awaken the rest of the dragonmares!

So we know that it’s a power source that is required. A power source Abadd had access to to make the original Dragonmare Squadron. Maybe Orta too has the capability to access such power? Probably not the knowledge how to - or is that going a little to far, rofl.

The Empire also knows more about Orta than she knows about herself - she finds out from them (after defeating Episode 4 Boss 1, but before fighting Evren and the Dragonmare Squadron) that she is a drone (she’s really half-human though). Maybe Abadd told them all this? Or they knew from another source.

OT - Abadd’s mission: If he was pre-programmed to ressurect his ancient masters after they had fallen, would it explain why he was still “active” (interpreted as “alive”) when the Empire found him during an excavation? Or do you think it was just a coincidence that he was still active?

I think Abadd was the one who informed the Empire about Orta’s true nature…

As for why Abadd needed Orta’s body… within her DNA lay the method of breeding human/drone hybrids that Azel used to bio-engineer Orta. Abadd couldn’t figure out how Azel created Orta without dissecting Orta herself. Once Abadd discovered the method Azel used to create Orta, then he could combine his genes with human genes in order to breed heirs. That’s how I see it anyway.

the scene where abadd fails his ancient masters may have been a flash back to before abadd encountered orta, and maybe even before abadd encountered the empire.

That looks to be the case; in a cut-scene at the end of Episode 1, we hear an Imperial commander say “Capture the girl and the dragonmares within the Cradle will be completed” - just how they were going to use her isn’t particularly clear, though.

The Empire wanted to operate the Cradle in Abadd’s absence, and it might be that they wanted to examine Orta’s Drone body so as to figure out just how a Drone could interface with the Cradle’s systems (which presumably a human couldn’t do). The Empire refers to Orta as “the research materials” in one of the sub-scenarios as well, so this explanation could just about make sense; either that or the Empire were going to try and force Orta to operate the Cradle.

It’s generally thought that Abadd’s masters purposefully went into a state of hibernation / stasis long ago, and that Drones like Abadd were programmed to awaken them after thousands of years so that they could re-take the world. When the Empire disturbed Abadd from his own sleep, it looks like he just tried to complete that mission.

So you don’t believe the Empire wanted to capture Orta alive, Lance? It would certainly give Abadd a reason to flee the Empire since he wanted Orta alive in one piece… initially.

I think Orta’s genetic code may be the missing link that the Empire needed to create their own Drones. Whether or not they captured her alive may not have been important to them. I’m still not sure why Abadd was interested in Orta in the first place (before he knew his old masters could not be revived). Surely she was never part of the original objective, so why did he think she could save the world? The Ancients would never even have wanted a half-drone like Orta to exist.

If the ancients couldn’t reclaim the world, then at least the ancients’ creations could claim it as their own for them.

Perhaps Abadd thought that Orta would understand the importance of his mission…

That did seem to be Abadd’s intention, but only after he realized he couldn’t resuscitate his ancient masters. If Abadd could have resuscitated his masters, Orta should have been of no importance to him. But the short conversation they had at the end of Episode 1 does seem to suggest otherwise. I’d like to know what Abadd meant when he said Orta had to save the world from itself.

She had to help him wipe out humanity of course. Maybe in the next game. :slight_smile:

The bottom line is Abadd knew more – he knew something we don’t. The world was only dieing because his masters were no longer around to remedy the problem.

Abadd said that Orta must save this dying world from itself, and Azel said that Orta had the power to change the world. Do you think they were trying to tell us something?