Since we’ve had a topic about GOG, I’d like to mention another DRM-free store that sells indie games: Unlike GOG, is home to simple and experimental titles, many of them free, so it mostly fills a different space. There’s more overlap with Steam and Humble Store’s offerings.

What’s interesting is that Itch also have their own client now for installing games. I installed it, but found the UI somewhat confusing. I couldn’t add a game to my collection from the game’s page, for example. Has anyone tried it and if so, what do you think?

I’m not sure how much I will use it personally, given that most of the games I want on there are already available on other platforms. But it’s good to have options, especially if Steam starts making it harder for indie developers to publish their games (now that Greenlight is being axed).

Actually I take back what I said about collections; these are groups managed on the website of free and non-free games, a bit like a wishlist, but you still have a seperate library of games you’ve purchased, managed automatically as you would expect. So the UI isn’t bad, it just has some different concepts.

This might be a good alternative to Humble Store, which does not have a client for installing/updating games. Many games come with an optional Steam key as well if you prefer to use that client.