Is there any Textures dump pack available for PDS?

Hello, just by curiosity, did someone ever managed to extract the textures from Panzer Dragoon Saga ? Is there any pack available ?

I found some old thread of '06 about it but nothing since I guess, or did I missed something ? I guess it would take ages using this kind of procedure … was there any progress about decoding the game ?

Sorry if this has been already asked before.

EDIT: I tried it myself, and at least it works. I had to use the older version of yabause because the newer ones seems to doen’t have the “frame advance” option anymore, and I could’nt figure how to use GLIntercept with it. (but you can still save manually each sprite to bitmap via VP1 debug). Funny things to do discover with this. This is from the very begining of the game we can see how it’s all made up and the textures of the dragon, the boxes, the sprites of the birds, the radar… interesting stuff…