Is Sonic CD abandonware?

I haven’t seen it on any compilations for some bizarre reason (do Sega ever listen to their fans?). I was about to buy Sonic Jam just for the sake of this one game, but no luck.

Is there any reason not to just download it?

It’s on the Sonic Gems Collection, released relatively recently on PS2 and Gamecube. It’s also available on PC on its own (there was a big box version originally and then numerous budget versions) - the PC version shouldn’t set you back more than ?5 at the very most.

Yes, that’s illegal, and the game is readily available.

Well yes, but there’s illegal and then there’s illegal, hence my question…

I think the fact it is readily available in the Gems collection puts it outside of abandonware as SEGA are actively selling and promoting it.

Also note that Sonic CD is perhaps the strongest title on the Gems collection and it being used to sell the game (the cover has “Thank God for Sonic CD” - some gaming mag)