Is "Sona mi areru ec sansitu" Latin or Panzerese?

I can’t figure out if words like “paldeel” are obscure latin conjugations or some other language.

I’m asking because I want to know how to pronounce the song (the japanese accent makes the original unreliable)

I’d link the Panzerese language guide, but I can’t seem to find the link. From what I’ve seen in it, and heard from the songs/cutscenes, a good bit of it is minimally altered Latin (as well as Greek I believe, but I’m not as familiar with it). “Sona mi areru ec Sancitu” probably took a lot of liberties with pronunciation. I wouldn’t expect Latin to be easily spoken by native Japanese speakers.

You could assume they’re spoken with classical Latin pronunciation (which might be interesting, giving more of a sense of a dead ancient civilization), or go with the Japanese pronunciation as canon.

That site went offline a while ago, but I found a backup:

Oh yikes, glad this was backed up. I’d hate to see something like this gone. Thanks!

If someone wants to make a Markdown version we can put the dictionary on the website.

Also, there’s a web archive version here:

Thank you!