Is Half-life 2 influenced by Panzer?

Is Half-life 2 influenced by Panzer? These look like they could exist in Panzer world, almost (maybe if they had some color): … nship2.jpg … rider1.jpg … thing1.jpg … hydra1.jpg … nship1.jpg

The whole mecha-insect dealie is really a genre/style unto itself and has been for the longest time (I’m thinking early 80s’, perhaps earlier)–well before Panzer Dragoon–so it’s not like they’re “influenced by Panzer” per se. Although, IMO, PD perfected it, and none have come even remotely close to bettering it, including there here concepts.

They look very Aura Battler Dunbine, but Panzer popularized the bone exoskeleton in games… my favorite thing about Panzer is the airships, which nobody has done right since …

Who knows what inspirations the artists are using? But I wouldn’t be surprised if Panzer, Biomech animes and movies like Starship Troopers were used to help design these creatures because they all share the concept of biomechanic weaponry.

I actually can’t see much in common.

If anyone has been influenced by PD it’s the Ico team:

Wasn’t the first Ico suposed to take place all in one area.A castle or somethin…