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I just got an iPhone 8 and am looking for some game recommendations. It’s apparently the world’s fastest phone at least until November, so it should run any iOS game, unless that game hasn’t been updated to work in 64-bit.

In particular, I’m looking to play games that are designed with the touch screen and the constraints of the mobile form factor in mind, rather than quick ports of PC/console games with virtual thumb stick controls. I can already play the latter on PC and with a real controller, so I don’t see much point in playing lesser versions of these games on my phone. Nintendo has converted their Mario and Fire Emblem franchises to work with the constraints of mobile quite successfully IMO, Sega less so unfortunately.

Since I really enjoyed Journey, I will be getting Sky when it comes out on iOS. I see that The Witness was recently released on iOS. That game would be suited to a touch screen since it mostly consists of line puzzles. I haven’t finished the PC version, so I may try the mobile version. I’ve also enjoyed Alto’s Adventure, and as previously mentioned, Nintendo’s games. Intending to try Monument Valley at some point.

Ah ah I have not played many phone games but I was going to recommend Monument Valley. And I just saw there is a Monument Valley 2.

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The only game I have on my phone is Sonic CD lol…sorry.:sweat_smile:

How are you liking the all-glass design of the 8, @Solo_Wing? I’m curious how it feels to hold in comparison to the previous aluminum-backed models.

As far as games go, I second Monument Valley! Beautiful art direction and very intuitive controls. I also enjoy Lanota quite a bit - it’s a rhythm game with an endearing fantasy narrative and excellent soundtrack.

I jumped straight from the iPhone 5c which has a plastic back, so you’re probably better asking someone who has owned one of the aluminum-backed models for a comparison. The glass back does feel nice to hold, although I have the phone in a case most of the time for protection (and to even out the camera bump when used on flat surfaces). What attracted me to the 8 was the increased durability of the screen. As demonstrated in this video, the iPhone 8 can survive being dropped on concrete from head height, which is good for certain people who have the tenancy to destroy electronic devices. :anjou_embarrassed:

I’ll give Lanota a try. I’m happy to buy games if they’re good and reasonably priced. I’m not sure why people have a tendency to avoid non-free games on smartphones; I’d much rather pay a few dollars than play a game full of ads or micro-transaction prompts.

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One thing I like about the revised App Store in iOS 11 is the new Today section. It’s basically a blog which showcases a new game and a new app every day. One of the problems with these app stores is that it can be difficult to discover new games, especially amoung a sea of mediocre games, so this goes some ways in helping that by seeing what has come to the attention of the App Store staff:

Morphite is coming to the Switch ! I will take it :slight_smile:

Off topic:
In ios11, when you disable wifi & bluetooth from control center, it is not actually disabled, it just disconnect you. You have to actually go the the settings to fully disable them. They apparently did this so that it still sync with your iwatch, should you have one.
This choice drives me mad !

I actually have the Apple Watch and a key feature is how it seemlessly passes data between the phone and the watch, and this is on-going throughout the day. The whole process takes care of itself so there’s very little to configure - even watchOS apps are installed automatically if their iOS counterparts are installed. You generally wouldn’t want to disable this connection as health data would get out of sync and notifications and streaming music from phone to watch would no longer be possible.

If anyone has played any games that are for both iOS and watchOS I’m interested in trying those too, if only for the novelty.

Solo, are you into handheld gaming at all? Some great games have been releasing on the 3Ds lately…I recently bought Ever Oasis and Samus Returns.

I used to have a GBA. But these days… no. A significant reason is that, since I don’t usually carry a bag and it’s often warm enough not to need a jacket, I simply have nowhere to put a handheld system when I’m out and about. Keys, wallet, and AirPods go in one pocket, phone in the other, watch on my wrist; that’s about the limit of what I can carry besides holding an extra device in my hand, and I prefer to keep those free. When I’m not out and about I have access to my laptop with all of Steam, GOG etc, and a full controller, so a handheld feels a bit redundant.

The other reason is that interruptions can be common on public transport. Mobile apps and games are designed to be stopped and started instantly, and usually require less commitment to play a game. Handheld games are more like small console games from my experience, so are perhaps more suited as a console replacement for those without a TV or gaming PC/laptop? I’m interested to hear how other people fit these different devices into their lives.

I have a small carrying case that fits the 3DS, charger, and a handful of games, and it clips on to a belt loop. So, if you wanted you could just let it hang on your side. I’ve brought it on trips, Doctor’s offices, etc. But, I can see how that might be cumbersome for some people…

Something like this: