Introducing Panzer Dragoon Legacy

I’ve been working on a new Panzer Dragoon website for some time now, and I think it’s time to reveal it to the PD community. Panzer Dragoon Legacy is focused on explaining the storyline of PD Orta and also gives newcomers to the series background information about the previous games. I’m not going to write too much now, since I already wrote more about the website in the news section of the site. So I’ll just give you the link:

Thanks to all the people that gave advice on the site while I was designing it. Special thanks to Lance for writing the summaries for the previous games (be sure to check them out even if you already played the games), and Solo Wing for hosting the site at Please post your thoughts on the site and any suggestions for future updates, I’d like to improve it in the future so any ideas are welcome :slight_smile:

I love it dude ^^ Top notch =)

Pretty damn good…

Like I’ve said to you before, it’s awesome that there is now a site geared towards newcomers to the series. Too often fans who have played the previous games assume that newcomers will be able to pick up on details such as Sestren and Orta’s true origins. Your site seems to be doing a good job at explaining these details, and I hope this continues as the site develops.

Well done :slight_smile:

I like how when you click “forum”, it brings you back here… That convenient. And how if you click everything really fast, my computer gets confused. But I can do that with any website. laughs

Great work, kudos to you and Lance (for the stuff he wrote) :slight_smile:

Like I told you before : very good :slight_smile:
I hope you didn’t forget about Catty :wink:

Cool beans.

Awesome. Yeah, an Orta-focused website. Awesome, D-Unit.

I like the story telling with the screenshots a lot :slight_smile:
It actually made me read through it all even tho I knew all about the games already (Duh, ofcourse)

Great site! I know Lagi in particular will love the story synopsis.

Cool! I like the mixing of the pictures and the text. It’s like reading an art book (except in English!).

The only thing I found is that the link in the FAQ section that goes to Iva’s story is not working.

Great site! I liked the way the story is told. Congratulations.

Nice site… I like the possibility of adding the ORTA story too… I can?t play orta, so at least I want to be able to read the story… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the positive reactions everyone!

Thanks for mentioning that, it should work now.

A story synopsis about PD Orta is one of the things I’m considering for future updates. Another is a Winged Death FAQ explaining how to obtain a 100% shotdown ratio in every episode. More summaries about the remaining characters (Evren, Iva’s father,…) and a FAQ for the mini-games (about their storyline, not the gameplay) are also planned. If anyone has questions about the game that aren’t answered in the episode FAQ, please tell me and I’ll add them to the site. Also, anyone is free to write their own answers to questions that are already in the FAQ if they have a different opinion on them.

Your website is very great! I love the way the Panzer Dragoon Saga story is told. By the way are those pictures taken from GiriGiri?

Hey, thanks :slight_smile: Yes, I took all the in-game screenshots with GiriGiri. (The FMV images were taken while viewing the movie files with a .CPK player.)