Introducing my new Panzer Dragoon emoticons!

Here is the first set of PD emoticons I’ve made. There will be more to come, I assure you, but here’s just a few I made last night that I thought you guys would like. The basic model I had in my head was the style used for the "townies"of PD. I think it suits the series well overall.









That’s all for now, more to come soon.

[size=75]Note: These emoticons are ? Neil Coker 2004. The only website with my permission to use these is The Will of the Ancients, You must have my permission in order to use these, otherwise you are in breach of U.S. copyright laws.


(Next series: Dragon models!)

Those are great Neil.Funny you mention the “towny” afair beacuse that towny is the one on my avatar An’jou :slight_smile:

i like them a lot, they are small so they won’t space out the lines (i hope) =)
What others are you planning to make?

Hey, excellent stuff Neil!

“. . . and thus Neil became the first person ever to draw an embarassed-looking Light Wing . . .” [/lame attempt at humour]

By the way, if you could do with any screenshots of specific characters (or dragon forms) to work from, I could probably grab 'em for you.

Those are awesome, Neil. Excellent job.

Scott: What I could do if they’re too big is increase the line height of the text (using the CSS attribute ‘line-height’), so that the font itself wouldn’t be bigger, just the space inbetween the seperate lines of text.


We need those to be implemented ASAP. I’m sick of living in this emoticonless world, it makes sarcasm hard.

Never reveal your sarcasms with smileys Dopeone; never…

Yeah, I’ll be sure to do that. :rolleyes:

Wow Neil! You did a good job! =D

Cute! I especially like the bobbing heart one for the love emoticon. :slight_smile: I look forward to seeing the dragons.

[quote=“Lance Way”]

By the way, if you could do with any screenshots of specific characters (or dragon forms) to work from, I could probably grab 'em for you.[/quote]

That would actually be very helpful, thank you. I haven’t had time to work on the dragon models really (And my attempt at a Solowing model totally sucked, so I’ll be probably be redoing it) so I may end up doing character models first.

Can those please be implemented?



And the codes for these are:

Testing to see… :anjou_happy:
…how they look… :anjou_happy:
…on :anjou_happy:
Seems to look alright…
…although the line spacing may need… adjusting :anjou_happy:

EDIT: Does the adjusted line spacing look okay, guys?


The line spacing is fine IMO.

Testing :anjou_embarassed:
Testing :anjou_embarassed:

^^this is the way to make sure.


so thats why the line spacing is all different, at first I thought it was my browser :anjou_embarassed:

An’jou says:


Sorry, had to be done.

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