Information pages for people involved in making Panzer Dragoon

Looking at the near empty People section of this site’s encyclopaedia, it’s unlikely that we’re going to get around to making entries for every person involved in the Panzer Dragoon series, or even a large portion of them. This is also a moving target, as more information will keep coming out as time goes on. I was thinking that instead we could create mini profiles with their picture, a sentence or two explaining how they are connected to the series, and a link to their Wikipedia (or other wiki) profile. Wikipedia is always going to be the most up to date source for their involvement outside of Panzer Dragoon, so it is probably for the best that we outsource this.

To start with, let’s use this topic to gather links to these pages, then I can go about setting up the encyclopaedia entries.

This site has some good information concerning who did what and has all end credit information:

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That is a very useful link. Thanks!