Inconsistancy with map?

Here is a map Panzer Dragoon world: … nglish.jpg

Now look at the area where the valley and Excavation site are. Wasn’t the Deep Canyon Gluch area further north than the Excavation site? According to this map it is further south which doesn’t make sense to me. However it would make sense if you considered the flow of the river - in the canyon level Lagi flies against the current; according to the direction of the arrow he would be doing just that.


A negligable inconsistency in my opinion. Someone should take a snapshot of the 3D map. Hint, hint. In that we fly north.

the maps are pretty confusing anyway, especially after reading Pandoras Box

Which stats that the Tower of Uru lay in the North Eastern part of the continent…

I’d say we just haven’t seen the entire continent mapped out, or that the map we see here is slightly inaccurate.