In the Valley of the Gods

The next game from the developers of Firewatch. Like Firewatch it has a distinct orange colour palette.

I saw this game a while back. It looked promising. I don’t remember what the gameplay was supposed to be like? Action, puzzle, fps? Will be fun exploring the tombs I hope!!

Good question - the FAQ says it’s a story based game for people who liked Firewatch, so I’m guessing it’s a walking simulator or similar.

So excited for this!

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Uuug. So, not much depth, interaction or gameplay then?..I don’t know if I can just walk through a game without any of that…

I enjoyed Firewatch. It was reductionist in the sense that it didn’t bother with gameplay elements that distracted from the story (e.g. puzzles or combat), but it did contain a fair amount of interaction. Did you play it? There’s a topic where we discussed it in more depth.

I never played it, wasn’t really my thing. But, this game has my attention at least…

I can understand where you are coming from. I was skeptical I would like it when I first saw it, but the atmosphere and visuals (plus low price) drew me in and I found I really enjoyed the story Firewatch told. It wasn’t long, complicated, etc. I do think there are some puzzle opportunities though with In the Valley of the Gods that I hope they capitalize on…

Is anyone else as disappointed as I am though that Valve bought them? I own Firewatch on and that is my preferred distribution source. I did dust off my Steam client recently with the RE2 Remake, but darn if I wasn’t hoping for another DRM free release from the devs.

I didn’t realise that had happened. Hopefully they will keep releasing quality games (and not get folded into the Steam software team). It would be nice to still see their games on GOG, although I’m not holding my breath. At least we can still expect PC releases of their games.