Image request and Orta's original PD emulation question

I’ve looked hard for this picture, but can’t find it anywhere. I figured here would probably be the best place to ask.
I’m looking for a screenshot out of the opening movie in PDZ. of the part where lundi and lagi are just standing at the edge of the cliff after lagi fired his first laser burst. i think it’s actually the final shot in the sequence. it was also used as an official logo in the first few splash pages. could someone capture that possibly?

now onto the question about the original PD in orta. during the final boss battle while the dark dragon is in it’s larger form, it had an attack where it would power up an attack right where it’s mouth would be then fire a large beam at you. now as i remember, in my saturn PD game, the boss would power up, but launch no attack. I always wondered if team andromeda neglected to fix the glitch, if it was just my copy, or if the dragon was doing something else (but the third option has been ruled out).

so, does everyone else’s old saturn copy not have that attack? or is this like a burning rangers crystal boss situation?

perhaps in a new emulation of PDZ, the guardian in episode 5 would actually do damage with the shots it fires in it’s second mode too :slight_smile:

BUt he does.And the DD also does.From what I remember anyways.

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The Nuse (the PD Zwei episode 5 boss) would never inflict any damage on me whenever it fired those yellow beams of energy. I always wondered if this was a glitch in my PAL copy of the game.

I’ve never had any problems with Panzer Dragoon though; the Dark Dragon’s final form always charged up a burst of green energy before unleashing it in my direction.

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I think I know which image you mean, so the following links should be what you’re after. The different shots are at different stages of the camera panning out, and depending on what you want to use it for you’ll probably have to resize and crop the image quite a bit. (You’ll have to right-click and download the images BTW, they’re just up temporarily on Geocities):

Screenshot #1
Screenshot #2
Screenshot #3
Screenshot #4

I can’t remeber exactly whether that PD1 end boss’s attack worked for me or not, but I know what you mean about the PD Zwei Episode 5 boss (the Nooth / Nuse). That attack might just be meant to “intimidate” the player, though: in PD Orta, for example, there’s loads of airship enemies and bosses that spray out machine gun fire in all directions which can’t actually touch you.

It could be a problem that’s solvable in emulation, though (I’ve never actually tried that bit on GiriGiri, even). There are quite a few little errors in PD Saga that get corrected under emulation, so maybe it’s a similar thing.

Actually, you can be hit by those yellow laser that the Nuse (or whatever you want to call it) fires, but the only way to do it is to actually move TOWARDS them, because if you stay still, or dodge in any other direction, they miss, similar to the shots that the Dark Dragon fires at you when it attacks you in episode 2 of Panzer Dragoon.

Well this thread got me curious, so I went and checked the games themselves:

On my PAL version of PD1 (playing on either a PAL Saturn or GiriGiri), the final boss’ charge-up beam attack works just fine. (If we’re talking about the turquoise death-blast thing that it does towards the end of its routine, that is.) Exactly the same happens on my PAL copy of PDO as well, so it could possibly be a glitch that they fixed for the PAL version. (And also for the later PC version, which the PDO version of PD1 is based on.) Unless of course you’re playing the PAL version too, Megatherium… then I’m not sure what would be wrong.

I also checked my copy of Zwei, and (on the PAL version at least) it’s definitely impossble to get hit by the Episode 5 boss’ yellow laser attacks; no matter how hard you try, and no matter how much you move to intercept them. All its other attacks can damage you just fine though, and they can hit you while it’s firing the yellow lasers: which might give the illusion that the yellow lasers are actually damaging you. Again though, this might be a glitch that only occurs in the PAL version, and it might work fine in the earlier versions.

Hmm, I could be wrong, but i was certain that you could be hurt be them… I just always assumed that the idea behind these lasers was that if you kept a lock on the centre of the boss from theregular view (from behind the dragon) you’d move into the path of these laser and take damage, but they would only hit if you moved towards them because it wouldn’t be fair if they could hit you when the boss was behind you and you couldn’t dodge. But as I said, I could be wrong, I’ll try it out later.

thanks, lance. that was the exact shot i was looking for.

i have the US version of PD1; isn’t that NTSC? maybe it is just mine that has the boss attack glitch.

thanks for the welcome guys, i’ve been playing PD since the 32 bit days but never met anyone else who had. so finally, i’ve found a place to discuss the mysteries of PD; if they haven’t all been figured out yet-- and if they have, then i’ll just be catching up :slight_smile:

Hmm, I don’t seem to recall having that problem in my US version of the game, but it’s been so long I could be mistaken.

But umm…what was the Burning Rangers crystal boss thing you were talking about?