I'm terribly sorry if this breaks any rules

OK, first and foremost, I apologize if there are any rules here that I missed regarding discussion of emulation and whatnot. I don’t mean to offend anyone or whatever, so if one of the moderators somehow feels this thread is inappropriate, please delete it. Honestly, I didn’t want to be the first one on these boards to bring up the topic, but I do need help awful badly.

I managed to acquire an ISO of Panzer Dragoon Saga, and have been playing it on GiriGiri (mostly thanks to the help of the topic over on the old boards). The problem is that, in the desert near the beginning of the game, when you encounter the Gigralyph, the voices stop and the game locks up soon after (technically, it doesn’t lock up, but the cutscene doesn’t continue and the camera rotates endlessly). To me, this sounds like a bad ISO (the creator’s disc was dirty/scratched), though it’s a possiblility it’s also an emulation issue (on the old boards people were posting similar problems).

Thus, I implore you for aid. Do any of you know whether this is an emulation issue, and, if so, are there any solutions for it? If it’s not an issue with the emulator (or even if it is, and other people have somehow managed to get past it, which, judging from the thread on the old boards, is true) or merely an issue with my ISO, I was curious if anyone would be willing to take my save file and get past that segment for me.

In any case, I thank anyone for any help that they can provide, and again, I apologize if this is forbidden in any way.

I’m afraid I cannot help you on this…
I have yet to buy a good computer to really use Girr Giri…

However I can welcome you.And so I do…

Welcome XeroxBoy :D!

I have never played Saga in any way possible, but I would think that it’s an emulation issue.

If you have a burner and a Sega Saturn, you can extract the ISO and burn it to a disc, but considering that PDS is 4 discs I have no idea how you are going to do that.

Unless, you have 4 seperate ISO’s for each individual disc. . . Or, it could be a problem with the ISO, if the creator compressed all of the data consisting of the 4 discs that could cause problems as well, but I wouldn’t know since my computer is a piece of ass cake.

W00t!UK you haven’t played Saga?!What are you sitting there for then?!!!
Hurry up man…


Gehn, did you forget already?

I’m 16 years old and have no money for Saga, nor do I have a good computer to even do the things I had just said.

I PITY ME! (slaps self)

Well I must say I pity me meself for not having a good machine so I can play Giri Giri… :’(

*uses kamikaze technique.


Oh wait! This isn’t neomega! NO SMILIES! :frowning:

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Anyways XeroxBoy my bet is that the disk that provided you with the ISO is not as good as it should…

Emulation, tsk tsk.

Not to be meen or nuthin but thats what you get =P. Lol just kidding. your best bet is to break down save up some cash, buy a Saturn and Saga. you wont regret it.

Agreed. And if you think the price of Saga is high, i suggest you do a search for the prices of some Neo Geo home cart games on eBay. You will most likely be surprised :wink:

While on the topic of emulation, does anyone know of where i can get a working genesis emulater / Sonic roms?

www.google.com ? :slight_smile:
IRC is your best bet, you can never get a rom site that doesn’t shut down after a few months…

PDS is incredibly hard to find for a reasonable price, so I don’t blame you for trying to find an ISO.

As for the problem, it could be a problem with emulator itself. GiriGiri doesn’t emulate the Saturn 100% I’m afraid.

Pds is horrificly hard to find. I have had 2 copies of the game so far. my first on was stolen by an old room mate when he moved out, so i jumpped on ebay to buy another copy. it turned out that i did find one, along with 1 and 2. the bad part was that i spent $300 US dollars on them. BUT GUESS WHAT…I dont regret it one bit!!!

Ive got the disc but they have got scracted. I there anyway of repairing them?

Try asking your local video store. The stores around here can sometimes fix them.

Try www.gens.com for a MegaDrive/Genesis emulator. As for the ROMs, search the net for them.