I'm submitting some stuff soon

Hey all,

Long time, no… well… anything. :anjou_embarassed:

Anyway, just wanted to let the community know that Chris is finally going to be receiving some stuff from me for the site. It’s a testament to my terrible memory and ability to get things done that it’s taken so long - but still!

I’m hoping to submit the PDS and Zwei soundtracks and a CD with my recorded NiGHTS level tracks as well as MP3s of all of the above, so I hope they may be useful to you. :anjou_happy:

Also, Lance, if you are still wanting cover scans, I honestly do want to do some but I keep forgetting!

Sorry for the (monumentous) delay. Good to visit again!

An’jou Thumbsup (anyone else think that should be an emoticon?)

Ha ha, don’t worry about the delay; they’ll just get added whenever you send them. :slight_smile: Good job submitting all that music, by the way; Solo said he’d sort out the remaining PD soundtracks from copies I’ve given him, so it looks like we’ll be getting a “definitive” set of Panzer MP3s online after all…