I'm new to Panzer Dragoon. Please help


I have recently aquire a US Sega Saturn and some games. I have the original Panzer Dragoon and I am loving the game. I have searched the usual places for walkthroughs/FAQS/ and codes. I have gotten the majority of the codes to work. There seems to be an inconsistancy about one of the codes. The “infinite continues code” up x right y down z left y up x at the main screen… This code allowes me to change my weapons inbetween stages, but I can’t get it to give me infinite continues… I don’t want to use the invincibility code, but more than 3 continues on normal mode would help me out a lot.

Thanks in advance for all of your help. This website is amazing. I am already a fan of PZ, it is an amazing world.


Sorry I really woulnd’t know how to help you.I dunno the cheats.I consulted FAQs myself when I wanted to check them out.

Anyways welcome Starchild :slight_smile:

As far as I’m aware, all of the secrets in the Secrets section of this site should work… if they don’t, I’ve screwed up somewhere :slight_smile:


Also, I think that Gamespot have some that they copied and pasted from TWotA :confused: