I'm disillusioned with Scotland

Caution: Whiny post ahead

I’m sitting here at 9:19pm on a Saturday night. I’m bored out of my friggin skull, waiting for an online version of Megaman to load. But no, that’s not my problem.

The problem is that I now officially detest living in the UK. I even detest the phrase UK now. Almost like it’s missing an F and a C, and there should be a U after it.

Just today my national team, Scotland, lost a World Cup qualifier. Now, admittedly, it ain’t the first team Scotland had lost a match. We aren’t Brazil. But what made me sick was the way the commentators on the “British” Broadcasting Corperation went on about it.

“Scotland seemed to not have anything going right for them, but in the end it was always a one way match and Norway were the better team.”

Seriously, come on now. That’s not on. If England get beat by a team (such as France), the Scots will laugh but we won’t diss the team in such a fashion. Scotland got beat by a penalty goal and we were denied a goal ourselves (actually, this is sounding familiar, but I digress), and the commentators decided that Scotland sucked because of it.

I am watching this on BBC Scotland. BBC Scotland decided to show the England Wales game. Why? Then, a host of English pundits rip our team apart. Why? And to listen to them going on about Rooney and Beckham, I wanted to be sick.

“What level could Rooney reach? (reply) The best level.”

“No goalkeeper in the world could have saved that!”

The second in response to a kick from at least 30 yards out by DB that the goalkeeper should really have seen coming. And even if he hadn’t, how do they know that no goalkeeper in the world could have saved it?

The “United Kingdom” is a load of bollocks. Even our own parliament, the one to help “Scotland rule themselves” cannot now fly our national flag (the Saltire) because Westminster “suggested” that we shouldn’t. “Suggested”, my arse. The first minister and his cronies are morons, puppets, and charlatans, and the building cost ?410 million of the taxpayer’s money. Scotland is still, basically, ruled by England.

I don’t like the Scottish people much either. Most of them fit into the category which we call “neds” (non educated delinquents), and make life miserable for people. Cars are busted on a daily basis. You thought New York had a high crime rate, you should see Glasgow. Of course, the government(s) claim that the crime rate is down, but that’s a load of c-r-a-p.

And those who aren’t neds, who are supposed to be decent people…they’re pains in the butt. More than one person in the last week has given me the exact look of “I’m better than you” whilst at University, and the rest are all too busy getting absolutely pissed out of their skulls to care about anything.

Sometimes, I feel like I was born in the wrong country. Any of you who have seen my adorable face will see I don’t look like someone from the west of Scotland, and I don’t feel like it either.

Anyone else ever felt the same way?

I usually have the feeling of “I hate england” usually around the times when english football is on. (See the olympic opening ceremony v.v)

By now i guess i have come to accept it, and yeah, i also agree that they treat england = UK. But not much you can do about it sadly =(

Calm down Arcie.I’m sure that’s just a phase.Granted the UK is a stupid country.I mean if the Uk is a country then there shouldn’t be english and welsh or scottish or northern-irish.

If people don’t feel unite under a flag that means only one thing : they are not 1 country but several.

Regarding the people from your country that happens with everyone in the world.I know americans,germans etc who often complain about their people.

Masses are normally not educated and tend to be boring and uncharming.

Most portuguese people look like dumb and selfish people to me sometimes altho in truth that happens when im particularly pissed at something…

PS:Portugal “draw-ed” with Liechtenstein!

…Which is why I’m proud to be an American :stuck_out_tongue:

[size=59](Yes, I’m aware it has flaws, just like any country. Stop nagging me, morons.)[/size]

Despite what you say I would like to visit there one day.

Although I can relate as well. I complain about the states as much as any other person that lives here, but as I think about it I dont think it is that bad. Well I am from California, and from I hear, The other States consider Californians to be pretty weird. An editorial I have read just basically placed us as way too open minded tree huggers and the “Red-light district” of the States. I cant help but be a little angry about it.

But I enjoy my Home of California, the people are nice, and yes, wonderfully open-minded and we have such a huge variety of people here.
I really dont think I could live in any other state. ^^

I’m not really bothered. When I become a millionaire artiste I’m moving to the US.

Lol, I find people en Ecosse to be a bit short tempered… this guy in a yellow anorak cursed at me cos I accidentally hit him with an umbrella.

It was a big umbrella!! And it was raining a lot!


Sticks head up out of the corn fields of central Illinois and waves


I live in London and i’d hate to live elsewhere in the UK, merely from a technological pov, for gaming community hub and first to access best newtworking, but even that’s always second best to what the USA have, for example 256k upload is not widely available here. I wouldn’t like to live out in No Mnas Land :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“Atolm”]Despite what you say I would like to visit there one day.

Anyone else want to come? I could make a mint…I mean, have a nice day guiding you all around the place. :stuck_out_tongue:

i know how it feels, i hate it when the football is on and its constantly praise England slag Scotland, and if its a good thing from Scotland its Brittish, if its a good thing from England its English. Bad things from Scotland are Scottish and Bad things from England are Brittish. it sickens me at time aswell but like what has already been said there’s nothing we can do about it.

As for the Neds yea there a pain in Dundee aswell, i have confrontations all the time with them… unfortunatly for them they just assume im someone who doesn’t know how to take care of thereselves… that is until i prove there assumptions wrong. and i hate how they wont cause any trouble unless the numbers are about 6 to 1, as what happened in my last major conflict with them which ended up me on the floor with a dozen of them on top.
Fortunatly i got out with a swollen thumb, cowards.

When it comes to the rest of the population i think im pretty lucky i have a very solid base of friends who i can rely on and who i would do anything to protect. I get to go out to local rock clubs where im well known and liked and then there’s the activities earlier in the weekend usually revolving around hanging about the town center blethering to other friends and those with similar interests.
Im quite fond of the little city and dont plan on leaving or living anywhere else.

Yesterday I saw the trailer of a scottish movie and in the end two guys are talking something like this :

“What’s the ebst thing in the world?”
“Having a fit luxorious girl in your bed” (or something like that)
“Or having the Scottish team beting England!”

Ok this wasn’t quite it but you get the picture.

Btw welcome Dragon Phoenix. :slight_smile:

"]Btw welcome Dragon Phoenix. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: thanks for the welcome, glad to be here. (and thanks to Solo Wing Dragon for telling me how to go about quotes properly as well as the welcome)

Yea it does seem to be what alot of the Scot’s want, just so that mabye England would stop critisising the team… even talking about it in movies now lol although they would just make up some excuse like, the pitch was too wet.
Dunno though dont think im too bothered with football anymore, my dad was a professional ref so it kinda got drilled into my head and i eventually got sick of it and now hate watching the game. but i can strill polay it with friends easy enough… but thats differrent.

Now that i think of it, probably everyone has these problems or those similar. mabye not there country being bashed by its neibour all the time but with people. everyone will have some sort of conflict with those they dont like.

Like this:

[quote="Mickey Mouse"]Quoted text here[/quote]

You’ve just got to remember to close off the quoted text, like in the example above, otherwise it’ll mess up.

Welcome to the forums, also, btw :anjou_happy:

I honestly love watching good football.I support FCPorto but even if some day my support fades away I think I will always liek the sport.I love playing ti even more.

I haven’t had a good rant in a while, so:

[rant_mode]Gah, football, I loathe it! Seriously, where’s the fun in watching afew men chase a ball around for 90minutes? And the worst part was people made fun of me in school for years, just because I couldn’t name these footballers, but, if it was anything other than football, people would consider it to be “sad” to remember all these peoples name. Seriously, whats the difference between that, and being able to name all the Pokemon?

People also get so worked up about their team losing, as well. I mean, really who cares if a group of people failed to kick a ball into a net as many times as another group of people? It’s not even the fan’s failing, it’s the team, so why should they give a damn? Scientists, philosophers, world leaders and many other people do important things, yet they are less famous than footballer who are famous for being able to kick a ball. They are also less famous that people that appear on reality tv, but thats a different rant entirely.[/rant_mode]

I feel much better, now :anjou_happy:

What’s so fun playing a game where you can choose special attacks (berserk) and then watch the dragon do it without having any part in it?

Fun is relative.

Yeah, but it just really annoyed me that people made fun of me for not caring about it, as if it was sad that I didn’t know these things about a subject that I didn’t really care about. This annoyance was revived to today when someone stared at me as if I was mad for not knowing the rules to football, and I felt I need a rant.

Did you rant with the person in question?That’s what I would do :stuck_out_tongue:

This person was a NED, ranting at them would like ranting at brick. Except a brick wouldn’t threaten you in an incoherent accent. :anjou_sigh:

Fear is it?Now I understand the frustration :slight_smile: