Illegal drugs and underage drinking are immoral

  1. We have an unwritten agreement with our nation to abide by it’s rules.
  2. One ought to do the most moral thing in any given situation
  3. Drinking or using illegal drugs is not a moral action*
  4. Not drinking or not using illegal drugs is not an immoral action

  1. Thus, we have a greater obligation to abide by the rules of our society than to drink or use drugs

  1. It is immoral to drink or use drugs while it is illegal.

*This does not beg the question since one could suppose that drinking, in general, is a moraly neutral action


I don’t think it’s immoral to drink alcohol if you’re underage. But you have to know you limits. It’s not excusable to go out and beat up someone or do something else regrettable and then blame it on getting drunk while you were depressed.

While I suppose if you agree with the conclusion, you might just glance over the argument and say, “Well, I know the conclusion is correct so the way that he arrived at it isn’t relevant.” That might suffice for some, but you really should examine any argument, regardless of your agreement with the conclusion to determine it’s validity.

Now if you don’t agree with the conclusion, this argument provides a reason to reexamine your views.

Regardless of your agreement or disagreement with the conclusion though, you can see the applicability of the argument to all areas of life. You basically have an equation that you can plug in different obligations into to determine what you ought to do.

Not really, if laws are unjust, I believe that people should break them as a form of civil disobediance.

Well of course, but what morals are varies from person to person. I personally think that killing is a bad thing, but the my government has no problems with killing hundreds of thousands of people.


Well, not doing something is obviously not an action so it hardly could be immoral.

[quote]5) Thus, we have a greater obligation to abide by the rules of our society than to drink or use drugs

  1. It is immoral to drink or use drugs while it is illegal. [/quote]

So by this logic, freeing slaves before the civil war would also be immoral, because it’s those people’s legal right to own slaves and one should never disobay the law?

I consider morals to be a personal thing. I don’t do drugs, but I see no reason for them to be illegal, if someone wants to fuck up their lives, let them go right ahead IMO.

“Human, All Too Human,” by Friedrich Nietzsche. Same shit.

I agree - if they are fair and just to ourselves.

Yes, but how many people think of others before they act nowadays?

To yourself, no. But it depends on how much you project said drugs onto other people’s lives.

I would agree.

Said society can encourage drinking and give lenient sentences for drug usage or distribution.

As I said, this would depend on whether you are negatively affecting or influencing another’s life in the process - personal morals are quite different and depend on an individual’s respect for him/herself.

In the wrong hands, obviously, it can be personally damaging, but the drinker should have the moral obligation not to negatively affect others along the way.

this is even less thought out than trying to disprove god…

i’m not inexperienced with alcohol but i rarely do it because i don’t feel it enhances me at all. i won’t try to convince anyone to do drugs (over the internet) because i don’t actually care, but i will say that i have enjoyed the few that i do immensely and i think they have been instrumental in developing my artistic mind.

“morality” is obsolete. “good and evil” are obsolete. and so when people call my behavior immoral and my recreational activities evil, they’re showing their own obsolesence - not to mention hipocrisy (when we look at all the other weird shit they condone :anjou_wow:).

Drugs… :anjou_sigh:

have you tried any? or maybe you know someone who did and it didn’t turn out well for them?

I inhaled hash smoke passively once. It tasted like beef jerky.


have you tried any? or maybe you know someone who did and it didn’t turn out well for them?[/quote]

I believe that drugs can be okay when used responsibly, which I’m sure you have. But the comment was referring more to the negative consequences of drugs; for example, when used to seem ‘cool’ or tough.

I see a lot of people like this at school - the kind who think they’re something really special because they do drugs. And generally, when used in this irresponsible manner, it turns out badly for them.

I have no objection to personal, responsible use, knowing any possible consequences and your own personal limits - but when drugs are imposed on people through peer pressure or the media, that’s when I object.

Most smoke which I’ve smelt smells pretty bad, if not all.


have you tried any? or maybe you know someone who did and it didn’t turn out well for them?[/quote]

Depends on the drugs though. Having a cup of coffee or Tea is taking drugs same goes with having a bottle of coke.

Wouldn’t touch the heavy stuff Alcohol is more than enough for me. And there’s nothing wrong in drinking that as the Jesus himself liked the stuff :anjou_happy:

My worst drug is diet coke. XD Seeing as I already have diabetes I make it a point to keep the rest of my body in good shape.

how old are you? early in highschool i noticed a lot of kids doing drugs very irresponsibly but in the later years and now post highschool, it seems that everyone has relaxed a great deal. the weird part is that it seems that the people that started doing drugs later seem to be the heaviest users… i’ve been doing drugs for 4 years (since i was 16). it doesn’t sound like anyone else on here does 'em, so here’s some information on drugs from the other side of the tracks.

one thing that these anti-drug PSAs never tell you (aside from all the ridiculous lies!) is that you won’t randomly be offered drugs from “the bad crowd” in school - if an offer is made to you it will probably be from someone you know, maybe a close friend that you didn’t know did drugs. you could call it peer pressure or maybe just having a close friend offer it to you makes you question how evil and immoral they actually are.

if they are a close friend, just saying ‘no’ should be enough to get out of that single situation, but the issue will still be there. not sharing those experiences with them may cause you to grow apart.

whatever the case, if you are ever at such a cusp where the choice is to do them or not do them and you are actually considering the decision… keep this in mind.

weed is cool, don’t worry about it. do it with friends. for some people, nothing happens the first time they try it.

psilocybin mushrooms are crazy awesome (but you should really find out how much you should eat from someone that has done them before).

there are a few other drugs i would try but especially if you have no experience with any drugs, i would be wary of anything else. just find a nice place to be, or do them during the day and take a walk (away from heavy traffic). most importantly, do them with friends!

No thanks.