Ikaruga on Steam Greenlight

One of my favourite shooters is coming to Steam:
steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f … =183195387

Hopefully we’ll see it on SteamOS as well and that this paves the way for more Treasure games on PC.

Tempted to buy it, even though I already have it on Gamecube, not really sure why? :anjou_love:

i have that in jap to dreamcast :anjou_love:

Old topic revival. Ikaruga is currently 50% off in the Steam sale. It’s definitely a must play if you appreciate well designed arcade-style gameplay experiences. It’s the highest quality bullet hell shooter around, but it’s not a game that’s simply about dodging and shooting. Ikaruga is more of a puzzle game in places as you have to determine the best colour for the situation at hand, based on the layout of the environments and enemy fire.

Even though I’ve already played Ikaruga on Dreamcast and Xbox 360, I picked up a copy on Steam. The port is excellent. It’s mostly the same as the 360 version, but (from memory) they’ve added some additional options for tweaking the HUD, so you can remove all points and lifebars outside of the gameplay window (it’s designed for vertical monitors, so on widescreen monitors there are black borders either side). The free play mode is now available from the start (rather than after playing for 9 hours), so if you’re finding the game too difficult (quite likely) you can set it to unlimited continues - just be aware that your high scores won’t be pushed to the leaderboard in this case.