IGN: 12 Games SEGA Should Bring Back


So with the recent revival of the classic 2D Sonic style of gameplay with the upcoming Sonic Mania, and Sega hinting at bringing back some of there old franchise as well, IGN decided to make a list of classic Sega franchise they would like to see brought back (one of them being Panzer Dragoon). The Article they wrote leaves much to be desired so you are just better off watching the video they made below. Also I found it neat that they mentioned how PD Saga goes for hundreds of dollars online.


Yea, I saw that on Twitter !

I use it to recruit any PD commentator LOL !


I would definitely love to have a new Nights, Skies and PD game for sure, basically almost all of these games!


Solid list there. Don’t pay much attention to IGN, but I can agree on every one they mentioned. I wish there was some way to purchase the rights to PD or Shining Force!


It’s such a shame how people can just let things waste away, never using them, and eventually leading them to be forgotten.


Well, the Shining IP at least has been used, just not in a way that most fans of the classic games would like. The same might become true if Panzer Dragoon is ever revived too. I’m less convinced that this is a rights issue, and more of a “no one is interested enough in making a faithful [spiritual] successor to these games” issue.