If you see only one movie this year

…then, you certainly don’t see enough movies.

But, amidst a summer of mediocre sequels, and already-tread comedy/drama/sci-fi territories at the box office, this is THE. ONE. MOVIE. that I’m VERY VERY EXCITED to see.

It’s going to be a very limited release (the site has details) … and, thankfully I’m right around the corner from NYC, where it’ll surely play.

I’ve known all about Billy Mitchell for years … he’s been featured in just about every game magazine ever in publication, and he’s been called one of the “most influential gamers in history”, but who ever thought we’d get to see a feature-film documentary about his recent Donkey-Kong high score rivalry???

This looks amazingly entertaining for gamers “cut from OUR types of passionate cloths” … so why not check it out, watch the trailer and get excited!!!

“Billy Vs. Steve” The King Of Kong : A Fistful Of Quarters

Come on, it’s gotta be better than Hostel II.


Billy Mitchell? Is he the cat who holds the high score in Pac Man?

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