If you could pick a side character from any PD game to have a full length game, who would it be?

I would probably go with Gash. It would be pretty fun to be the leader of the seekers going through the universe of the Panzer Dragoon.

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Craymen, of course. I would like to see his past.

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That would be cool Craymen always seemed really rushed in Saga to me, so he would be a perfect choice.

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Paet would be cool as well and he’d be a Seeker of course. He could repair ancient tech like airships you could fly around in and explore ruins to find parts for the Seekers and for his crazy projects!


Paet was my first thought as well (esp older), although (young) Craymen and Gash would be cool

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Although, Paet was a little bit timid though. At the first sight of Edge’s dragon he backed away. Couldn’t really see him exploring ruins fighting monsters. That’s why he had other people along with Edge do it for him…But maybe as time went on he acquired some you-know-whats!

but that is when he got older and bit more hardened! he has seen stuff now …

as you mentioned, I like the idea of a him being a “gadgeteer” in the panzer world (going into old ruins and repurposing mechanics for gameplay) , would be an interesting role

Just don’t make it like Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts. That game was a mess! I don’t want to be building things the entire game. That part needs to be a bit streamlined. Like just selecting a few parts and adding them to an easy to understand blueprint that takes only a few minutes to put together.

Would make cool Panzer game if done right. And we need on foot sections and towns.