If you could ask a Smilebit member one question

…what would it be?

There are so many that I could think of, but the question that burns the most in my mind (as typical as it sounds) is “Why did the Ancient Age end?”

So, what would you ask a member of Smilebit if you had the chance to ask one question about anything to do with Panzer Dragoon?

“when is the next PD game coming out?”

Yeah i can hope.

How much would I have to pay you for the “Panzerese dictionary”?

let’s see…


“Who is the Sky Rider?”


“Is a new PD RPG coming out?”


“Can I have a free PDS2 T-Shirt?”

Could you name the lead character in the next PD instalment after me?

Worth a try innit lol

Let me be the first to point out taht Chuck is a terrible name for a dragon rider.

I’d ask what exactly happened to Azel after we last see her in PDS

I have too many questions to ask. Not relaly pleasant ones, so I won’t reply to this thread.

Will the Dark Dragon re-apear in the next PD game?!

threatning look

“Are you guys making a sequel?”

slips the guy a hundred dollar bill


“Are you guys making a sequel?”

points a gun to the guy’s head

Can I design some of the creatures?

…I would seriously like to do that one day…


Hehe, It’s possible Atolm, if not for Panzer Dragoon then perhaps for other games that you fuse your PD inspiration into :slight_smile:
You should get into 3D modelling, it’s a great form of art that combines the standard 2D as well as you need to skin (texture) the models when you are done, I’d love to see some of those creatures you drew in 3D :slight_smile:

On Topic:
I’d ask him if Edge really did die at the beginning of Saga :stuck_out_tongue:

“Why did you ditch the cool float engine Airships?”

You all know what I’d ask. Somehow I doubt we’d get a straight answer anyway.

“Would you marry me Yokosuka-san?” =D

[quote=“Atolm”]Can I design some of the creatures?

…I would seriously like to do that one day…


Dolphins in a Panzer Dragoon game wouldnt be too bad…

Nothing wrong with dolphins, there was a whale in saga though. Perhps that would be my other question, would there be a more proper description of monsters/animals in the game. Uru was so rich in aquatic life. ^___^

dolphins isnt all that I do.

Does this counts as a dolphin?


I miss this pic. ;_;


Hey Alex! Wanna design one of my beasts?

Wow Atolm, those drawings are exceedingly good! (Just like Mr. Kipling’s cakes :smiley: )

How old are you btw?

Hehe, ofcourse dolphins isn’t all she can do :slight_smile: atolm rox :slight_smile:

And sorry Atolm, I’ve been too busy so I haven’t really improved as I haven’t been doing that enough the last months :\ so I’m not worthy to make your creatures into 3D just yet…too busy with school now as well :
I’d deffinitelly love to sometime tho, but I won’t try till I’m good enough to get them right, they deserve that :slight_smile:

Wow. You got skill, Atolm! (ed. note: Lots of skill, actually)

I, of course, resent you to a certain degree because of it. :wink: