If Pds was released on Ps1

If Panzer Dragoon Saga was released on the Ps1 do you think it would of been a successful game? I think it would have been a big hit on the Ps1 due to the console having a lot of successful RPGs.

More than it was on the Saturn at least. It would have been exposed to countless more people making it more popular in the end.

You never know, plenty of good RPG’s didn’t sell great on the PS. Vagrant Story is a prime example

Panzer Dragoon Saga would have been a cult hit like Silent Hill was on the Playstation.


I don’t know about that Geoff my old mate. It wasn’t like Grandia sold loads on the PS and that is one of the best RPG’s ever made to this day.

If we are going by hypotheticals and alternate realities here: in various game magazines at the time PDS was constantly being compared to FF7. And in most cases the editors were saying is was on par with, if not better than FF7. So, seeing how it was getting exposure in that way and both FF7 and PDS being on the same system, I think it at least would have been a sidekick or companion of sorts to FF7.

And that in and of itself would have cast more light on it and gained notice by countless more people looking for more rpg’s to play at the time. And if you look at Grandia, it didn’t sell well, but it at least got a sequel on Dreamcast so…

If PDS was released on PS1, you’d be looking at a different game, with different colour palette. In many ways, PDS was a response to what Square were doing with Final Fantasy VII, so the movement against RPG norms (in terms of character design, length, etc) would probably be present. But the game may not have received that same budget that PDS did, due to being a third party game not designed to set a whole console apart.

I imagine the aim was to be separate. Sega lost the Japanese RPG market. Someone filled it.

I think Saga started production long before we saw anything of FF 7 on the PS. Its too easy to say if only it had came out on the PS it would have done better. Many great games didn’t sell well on Sony systems too. Look at Okami I bet if that was just on a system like the DC, people would have said it would have sold better on the PS2 . I was amazed that VF4 did smash the sales charts on the PS4, so its not always about saying it should have been on the best selling system

It’s shame what happened to Grandia; That really was SEGA’s answer to FF and for me better than either FF 7 or Saga and it didn’t sell as well as it should have and we also had the morons at SEGA America not translating it either

The Playstation sold over 100 million consoles. It had huge media reach.

Your attitude to this is quite negative. You are basically suggesting that the game should not have been made in the first place because it wouldn’t make much money.

Here is what I will do: I will put my own money into the project and not care if it doesn’t sell well, like my imaginary self did with Starship Troopers.

Some will win. Some will lose. Some are born to sing the blues.

Did you like Breaking Bad?

It’s just being thoughtful. The PS2 was a sale monster and it’s not like VF4 sold millions, same for Okami, The Mark of Kri and many other gems. Just saying the game should have been made on PS1 or 2 isn’t always the answer, SONY found that out with some of their own RPG like The Legend of Dragoon I do wonder how well Shenmue/ Skies of Arcadia would have done if on the PS2 mind.