If Panzer Dragoon Saga had a comic adaptation, what would you wanna see?


Gonna put this in here as an idea to toss around, and because I wanna see what others would think of such a thing.

If Panzer Dragoon Saga had a comic/graphic novel adaptation done for it, what would you want to see that would expand upon the story and surpass it? Any general story arc ideas, etc?

I’m curious tbh


The events of Edge’s work place before Craymen attacked, more Village of Zoah scenes (more lore, the people and heck maybe some comedy bits between Edge and Paet), and more development for Gash, Azel and Craymen.

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Maybe a scene where Craymen wakes Azel and other scenes of them interacting.

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love the idea, mostly interested in just a retelling of SAGA

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