If a new Panzer Dragoon game comes out do you think it will be a rail shooter or rpg?

With Sega interested in bringing back old IPs do you think the next Panzer Dragoon game will be a rail shooter or another RPG like PDS.

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We already know the next games are the Zwei remake & the VR rail shooter that’s a remix/highlights thing!

I guess if they really wanted to do something in-house they’d start with a shooter first again, like with Orta…

These aren’t the only two genres. You could potentially have a linear third person action game that isn’t on rails - more than a rail shooter but not quite an RPG.

A modern Panzer Dragoon RPG would likely be quite different from Saga.

Panzer Dragoon really deserves another RPG. It really needs another chance to have its world fleshed out and the lore expanded upon with todays technology. I mean it would be such a waste not to because the world and design is so unique!

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I love for a new big budget AAA shooter but that’s never going to happen. It would have to be a RPG sadly