Ico 2?!?!?!


Though it doesn’t explicitly say that it’s Ico 2, it definitely has the same feel.

It’s being shown at TGS, so I will be on this like a gaijin otaku on a TGS booth babe.

Oh wait… I am a gaijin otaku, and chances are, I’ll be oogling the booth babes. But, I suppose those points aren’t mutually exclusive :smiley:

I’d heard from a rather, uh, “reliable” source that Sony was busy working on Nico, but this is the first official thing I’ve seen since that wanted ad they put in magazines looking for programmers and artists.

Nice. Nice nice nice.

I ever doubted there was going to be a sequel.I have still to play the first one but my friends tell me it’s great.

There was a brief mention in the latest issue of Game Informer of Nico being the sequel to Ico. It is to be out in late November if I remember.
Wish I had to magazine with me currently to properly source this.

Yes, I’ve known that the sequel was in development, but they’ve never officially said anything until today. That November release date is completely bogus, if you ask me. They’re just showing it for the first time at TGS, and to have a November ship date, they will have to have already gone gold. Not entirely a bright move.

Well, I hate to say: I told you so…

They now have a preview of Ico 2 on ps2.ign.com

Actually, while Wanda and Colossus (the game’s full title) is made by the same team that did ICO, it’s not really a sequel to it. More of a new game that just has similarities to ICO. Kinda disapointing, since a full-fledged sequel to ICO would’ve been cool, but this game sounds pretty interesting, too. Hopefully you won’t spend the ENTIRE game just trying to revive that girl and then it ends with “she’s awake, the end”, but we’ll have to see what happens. Just seems so different from ICO, almost more action based than puzzles and adventuring. Oh well, should be interesting whatever the case.

I’d actually rather have the Ico team make a new game in a new world, rather than make a true sequel to Ico. The ending of that game was so sublime that to continue the story any further would ruin the magic.

What makes you think that the game is more action-oriented, anyway?

From the general feeling of the Japanese website, I think it will be a little like Ico meets the Iron Giant. Which would be awesome.

(DivineDragon: Nobody said you were wrong… As I mentioned before in response to your Nico comments, I knew, too, but it’s just exciting that they are finally bringing it to the public. So many games get canned in the development phase, it just had me on edge.)

Well a true sequel to ICO doesn’t necissarilly have to be a continuation of the first game, I was thinking the same world but a different setting and characters (though I’m not sure how similar Wanda would’ve been had it been set in the ICO world, but things like Colossus just don’t really seem like they would’ve fit into ICO as they are).

As far as being action-oriented, it just sounds like much of the game will be spent hunting down colossus and destroying them, I mean from the preview it sounds like the hero’s main quest will be to destroy all the evil creatures in the land. Just seems like it’s a much more fast paced setting than being stuck in a castle with a companion that you have to usher along, not to mention most of the screenshots don’t show any real signs of puzzles.

Oooh I’m excited.

I’m glad its not a direct sequel, what more could be done with ICO? Like Abadd stated i don’t think much. The ending to ICO was just simply wonderful (as was the whole game).

The premise of this new game sounds fun, and as long as it retains the same feel of ICO then i’ll be getting this one.

Ah. I hadn’t seen all the previews with the new info yet.

Well, yeah… it sounds to have a little more action in it, but don’t you think it’s a bit too early to judge? I mean, what would you have said if you heard about a puzzle game where you’re trapped in a castle and had to fight shadows with a stick? Would sound like a very uninteresting action game. Seeing what this team did with Ico, I’m sure they won’t resort to generic stuff.

As for the world’s being different… in Ico, you’ve got a boy with horns, shadow creatures, magic, etc. What makes you think that a Colossus couldn’t live in that world? I thought the design looked pretty consistent. As long as they capture the same feeling, I don’t see why it needs to be in the world of Ico. The important thing in Ico wasn’t the greater world… but rather, the immediate world around the two main characters. Part of the beauty was that you didn’t know what was beyond the bridge. It was a coming-of-age story, and the characters managed to survive with their innocence relatively intact. However, they (and the player) do not know what else lies ahead for them. And I’d rather keep it that way. To show the rest of the world would make the rest of their journey (even if we didn’t actually see them) feel too mundane.