I need a Panzer Poster

How many are there? theres probably Orta ones around, but any other panzer ones?

I need one! I gotta display my love for the series on my sacred wall :anjou_love:

A PDS specific one would be even better =)

No deal!!I asked first in my other topic! :anjou_angry:


If you are not allergic to dots you could make your own with The Rasterbator. It?s not really the same, but, well…

I have a nice signed Orta poster hanging in my bedroom. A reminder of good old panzerdragoon.de times. :anjou_love:

If only that signed orta poster wasn’t so damn ugly =D I wish it was a PDS poster instead… BTW I figured out who’s signature it is that we couldn’t read, it’s kawagoe-san’s (the producer).

It?s not some random lines - it?s really a signature! Wheee! :smiley:

As far as actual buyable Saga posters go, you’re probably out of luck I’m afraid: the only PD poster I’ve seen for sale myself is this Japanese Orta poster, and off the top of my head I’m not even sure if that was meant for public consumption or was just a promotional poster for shops. Anyhow, that one turns up on ebay from time to time.


That?s the one I was talking about. Sorry for the bad quality, cameraphone at night and so on.

well i have a old small poster of panzer dragoon zwei, about A4 size :stuck_out_tongue:
gotten from the sega power magazine very long time ago…
heres a link to it http://img402.imageshack.us/img402/7721/panzerdragoon2minijw9.jpg
old and stained and bit broken on the sides :anjou_embarassed:
but its mine, all mine :anjou_love:

ps! also made a quick wallpaper of it

You know, I wonder if it would beneficial if I added a wallpapers section to TWotA. There’s enough Panzer art around to turn into some nice wallpapers to be sure.

Honestly, wallpapers sound like a wonderful idea! :anjou_love:

Thanks… If I can get around 5 submissions (with 1900x1200 and 1600x1200 versions of each) then I think we’ll have the makings a nice little section. Submissions can go to solowingdragon@gmail.com

Now that I’ve finished spamming this topic, I’ll just add by saying that I don’t own any Panzer posters, but I’ve seen a few selling on eBay in the past from time to time. Keep checking it, and one might appear. Also, have you considered getting some of the artwork from Lagi’s site turned into a custom made poster?