I must be hearing things

Hi guys

I was flying through the forest of zoah, and as i was flying through one of the pathways, i heard a opening door, like the sound of an opening door in the tower. Maybe there is a secret door, but maybe one of the towers floors is under there. Anyone know about this?

Don’t worry, you’re probably not hallucinating. I haven’t played PDS in quite a while, but that sound seemed to be made by the locked door at the far north end of the area: if I remember correctly it makes the opening / closing sound when it loads into memory, when you go near it.

Yeah, but that was locked!!!

The noise essentially seems to be a glitch though, something that just happens when you go near that door; it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense of course, but then glitches tend not to. I was curious so I double-checked at one point, and there’s nothing else it could really be; if you try flying towards that door, you’ll see (well, hear) that it happens each time you get near. (And of course, that’s the same sound that the door makes when you do open it.)