I made a custom Azel wall scroll!

I found a site called http://www.customwallscrolls.com/ and was able to make a custom Azel wallscroll printed on polyester fabric! :anjou_happy:

I took the original artwork and photoshopped the Japanese text out. This is the final result:

The camera on my phone sucks but the wall scroll is much more clear in person…

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Nice wall scroll. :anjou_happy:

Do you want to add the photo to the Pictures section? I’ve sent you an email with a link to log into the site.

I think I uploaded the pic as "custom made Azel Wall Scroll; under ads and posters. Let know if it is there…

I forgot to mention you’ll need to set a password (under Contributor Access choose Log In, then Forgot your password?).

Thanks. I just changed the category to “Fan Objects”, but otherwise it looks good. You’re welcome to create a short news entry on the front page as well (or I can do this).

Ah okay solo I’ll leave it to you for now; thanks! Let everyone know about http://www.customwallscrolls.com/ they did a really good job with the limited pixel count in this official artwork! :anjou_happy:

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Solo, I decided to try and make a news entry. So far it says unpublished. Let me know if it looks okay on the front page. Is it possible for you to change my name to Legaiaflame?

Thanks! I’ve changed your name to Legaiaflame and made a few minor edits. Do you want to upload the tablet photo to the Fan Objects section as well (explaining where you got it) and embed it in the news entry?

yeah, I thought I had already submitted the photo? Let me see…

When I view my drafts I see the picture as unpublished under the name I gave it:

Panzer Dragoon Saga Azel Wall Scroll

and the description:

A custom made polyester fabric Azel wall scroll.


I meant the photo of the Azel tablet. Since you mention it in the news entry it would be good to add it to the site as well.

Lol…okay. I tried to upload it but got this message:

1 error prohibited this record from being saved:

Contributor profiles count must be at least 1

You’ll need to add yourself as a contributor of the picture (so the contribution will show up in your contributor profile).

Okay I added the Azel tablet pic. How do I make the picture so it shows up on in the article without having to click on it? Is is it:

img /img

It’s a little unintuitive but simple once you understand it. You can use a Markdown image tag and use the last part of the picture’s URL (the slug) as the file name. E.g. ![](name-of-picture.jpg). There’s a Markdown syntax guide I wrote which is linked from the edit news entry screen; it explains how to do all the formatting on the site.

Thanks, that helps. I think everything is all set.

Thanks again. I published it.