I have Guild Wars!

And it’s great! :anjou_love:

Yes, I realise the main mechanic of the game (meet people in a lobby, then go out on a quest) is simlar to that of PSO, which I didn’t like, but it has a very different feel to it. For a start, each lobby is a town, and you have to walk to each new town, although you can teleport to ones you’ve been to already at any time, and you have the incentive to find new towns in order to get new armor, skills etc from NPCs. It also has a lot of backstory to the world which is farily interesting, and a proper main story, which is ok but nothing special. But the best part (in stark contrast to PSO) is the combat system, which is based around creating a good selection of skills that compliment each other well.

If anyone else plays, I play as Atolm Exsis (very unorignal of me, but i’ve been using “Atolm” for a character name for so long now that I see my Atolm and the Atolm as different entities. Plus, for all the Cloud’s and Sephiroth’s out there, I reckon we need at least one Atolm :anjou_happy:) and i’d be happy to meet up with you, although i’m going on holiday for a week soon, so don’t expect to see me for a while.

PS sorry if this post reads in a very disjointed manner, i’m really tired :anjou_embarassed:

My name is Archdukechocula, but I havn’t played in ages.

Good luck with your endeavours. I don’t think I can pull myself away from WoW to try another MMORPG at the moment. The graphics and art direction in Guild Wars are amazing to say the least, however, so I’d like to try it out one day.

I have got to play a MMORPG eventually…

…GW is not really a MMORPG

lol, CORPG but its basically an MMO… I don’t wanna argue about this again lol.

Well that’s what I’ve been told.

I’m a World of Warcraft whore.

Back from my holiday in Ivalice. By that I mean I was visiting my Gran in Aldeburgh in England and remembered my GBA this time. :anjou_happy:

Going to be playing GW again shortly.

Oh, and Al3x is right, it’s not an MMO, but the way the game is set up makes it kinda feel like one, and for no monthly fees thats good enough for me. :anjou_love:

Yeah sure it can be a great game for some people but that was just a reply to Gehn; someone who wants to at some point try a MMO should find a game that is more representative of the genre, not GW…

Yeah, I got that. I didn’t mean to sound like I was contradicting you, I was just pointing out that if it’s the fees that bother you, Guild Wars plays more like an MMO than other lobby based online RPGs, and might be worth a shot. But your right, it isn’t actually an MMO and if you want to try that genre of online games, you’re better with a proper MMO.