I got the PDO soundtrack

Well after waiting an extra 2 days for this(thanks to the no mail on friday) I got it! Only to find out that the japanese version doesn’t have the themes from the other 3 games. :’( Does anyone know where I can dload them. I can only find Azel’s ost online.

Anyways Anu Orta Veniya is the best song ever.

Also I had a great Idea for the next non-rpg PD. The Nintendo DS would be the perfect platform for this game. Think about it. You have to tap all the enemies then press A to do the dragoon attack. Also the top screen could be radar or maybe a permanent rear view.

NiGHTS would also be perfect since control is so critical to that game. Imagine using your fingers to move him.

May I ask why you shelled out an extra $25 for the version with less songs?


welcome, bomberman

I didn’t pay attention to the track list on the japanese version. :’(

Which CD has all the Orta OST tracks and soundtracks from the other games in one? I was considering buying Orta’s OST here:

Panzer Dragoon Amazon.UK
amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASI … 66-9115046

Panzer Dragoon Amazon.US
amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/de … c&n=507846

But if there’s a bigger & better one linkify me!

Both of those are the same.

The Japanese version has just Orta music, but Tokyo Pop added the themes from the first three games.