I finally beat orta!

WOW, freaking hard 3 part boss for me. Pretty epic ending, to bad the SPOILER

[size=59]DRAGON DIED!!! :anjou_sad: [/size]

Anyways, have their been any interviews since this game was released that hinted at a sequel or future installments?

Congratulations on beating it! Now get practicing so you can beat it on hard mode!

(Also: Outlook not good in terms of sequel possibilities). I believe there was once an interview or article in which someone at Smilebit expressed an interest in doing another RPG but with the poor sales of the game, that possibility has long since dried up.

Wow, that really sucks. It seems all of SEGA’s good Xbox games fell to bad sales (PDO, Shenmue II, JSRF), yet the crappy sports cash cows lumped on ahead. What a letdown…

Some rampant forum spamming retard over at Sega Nerds keeps saying that Tecnosoft are going to make a new Panzer Dragoon game after Thunder Force VI based on “something” he read in Edge, which he has yet to actually quote.

When asked for a quote he told me to stop asking him stupid questions.

In other words! There will never be another one, ever. ;p

I am actually not that bothered, some things are well enough being left alone, and I can never help but feel that Panzer Dragoon might be one of them.

So there will never be another ever just because that studio isn’t making one? Kay… I think most people thought there would never be another after Saga, there still was, and there’s bound to be another, though God knows when.

Did you guys know that PDO has an official site?


[quote=“Shenmaster777”]to bad the SPOILER

[size=59]DRAGON DIED!!! :anjou_sad: [/size]


Mm you haven’t played the previous PD games then I presume :stuck_out_tongue:

Saying that I haven’t played Orta -.- wish they’d just make it work on the 360 and stop screwing me over >.>

You can get an original Xbox for like ?20 at Gamestation these days :slight_smile: maybe worth the risk.

Although, the Dragon really did die at the end of Orta ;( As we know he was Mortal in Orta (as stated by the memories inside Sestren), yet somehow he left behind a babby dragon.

how is babby formed? How Dragon… get pregnant.

How dragon get pregnant. I love it. We need an appropriate image for that.

Nope, never played the previous PD games, I don’t have the money to get them atm, either. Also, here’s the Xbox site for Orta:

xbox.com/en-US/games/p/panze … ails.page/

It depends what you call death.