I ended up buying KOTOR

…and I played for 2 hours or so.It’s not bad but the fighting system…

I was hoping for a bit more.But this is exactly like Neverwinter Nights to me…

I guess I haven’t played much yet…

gah! two hours? This is nothing. Come back whining in another twenty hours if you must, but you really need to get into the game man.

I was sucked in frfom the begining. I’m a hardcore star wars fanboy though. Just play it a bit more - it gets really fun once you can get jedi powers.

Took me a while to really get into it. All the way up to leaving Dantooine in fact.
Which direction did you all go in?
I went to the Light Side. The only time I gained any Dark Side points was when I threatened the droid shop keeper on Tatooine to get HK cheaper.

Going fully Dark next time though…after I’ve finished Buffy 2, F-Zero and Viewtiful Joe…

I’ve received Dark side points for 4 times now and I received Light side points 3 times :stuck_out_tongue:

Two quality games. VJ is tops.

VJ…hmm, looks weird, but fun:P

Viewtiful Joe is great fun. Tough on adult mode though (I hate the bad guys with guns) and the shark boss is a pain in the ass to defeat!

lol, yeah! I like all the slow mo stuff and that. He reminds me off Captain Falcon though:P it his red helmet and tight leather…suit thing.

Yeah, I agree. Me and my manager at work were comparing the characters on their respective game covers. Scarily familiar.

I finished KOTOR yesterday after 43 hours of gaming.It was fun but this is one RPG which I won’t bother to play many times cause it has too many dialogues to skip.I was a scout and then a jedi consular.

I found myself disliking the lightsbers cause they aren’t as effective as vibroblades.

I always used the Echani Foil and Bacca’s ceremonial blade.

I was a bad boy thruout the game but in the last 4 hours of gameplay, I had to do some good actions and they changed my status.

The game was great and I think I’ll find myself buying Jade Empire if it comes out for the XBox.

From what I’ve heard, Jade Empire will have real-time battles in it.
You’re right about the huge amount of dialogue in KoToR though, I got bored with that. That and the long loading times when entering buildings, etc tarnished the playing experience for me a bit.

Dialogue with multiple responses dependent on intelligence, wisdom and charisma (as per the 3E rules KOTOR uses) adds a great deal of depth to the game in my opinion.

yeah i also liked the good/evil different dialogues, its like they had to write 2 games worth of dialogue!

I don’t need to know why there is so much and I do agree that it was impressive but sometimes I just wanted to get on with playing the game.

Did any of you actually find out everyones back-story?

I probably missed 2 or 3 NPC’s…

[quote=“Pete”]I don’t need to know why there is so much and I do agree that it was impressive but sometimes I just wanted to get on with playing the game.

Did any of you actually find out everyones back-story?[/quote]

I found out the entire back storys of every character i cared about. Personally i thought that was great having the ability to walk up to yourr teamates and TALK to them to learn more. And dependant on if you talked to them or not new quests would open up.

Plus i enjoyed the dialouge in KotOR. I like having lengthy discussions and extracting as much info as i can from local townspeople npcs.

I didn’t really mind the amount of text it was just when the characters spoke it kinda forced me to follow it at their speed. I could have read faster but hearing the speech as well just confused my poor mind. It was fine with the alien languages though.

There is just one thing i hated about KOTOR : the voices of the aliens only had 3 lines each or somethin like that!

Great thing about the voices : Simon Templeman (Kain’s voice ion Legacy of Kain games) played 2 minor voices!!!

It was that robot protecting someone’s estate in Tatooine and a guard near the valley of the sith lords(in the entrance there are 2 guards;they both have the same speech :P;it’as them!).

Also Malak’s right-hand man, the traitorous Saul is the guy who played Ethan Rayne in Buffy. (Can’t remember his real name right now)