I did an art (Panzer Dragoon VR)

Hi Guys,
first time posting but I’ve lurked for years, I’m always surprised this community is still thriving despite the franchise getting so little love from sega.
Anyhoo I’m working on a little panzer dragoon game with a friend and wanted to share some art as its been inspiring me a lot lately.


Some very nice artwork. Thank you for sharing.

Very nice work @Eleven (is that name a Stranger Things reference?).

Can you tell us more about the game you’re working on? I had the opportunity to try the HTC Vive recently and I think the format is almost perfectly suited to a Panzer Dragoon rail shooter. I can see why Futatsugi is interested in making a VR rail shooter.

I get asked that all the time Solo_Wing but no… I’ve been using the handle Eleven3D a while :stuck_out_tongue:

Myself and some friends are just making a little ‘proof of concept’ demo for Panzer Dragoon in VR. It started as a 1:1 remake of the first level but we’ve started looking at elements of Zwei, Saga and Orta and have decided to do a desert level instead. I did a mockup of Solo Wing blended with design stylings from Orta a long time ago but i think I’m going to create the final model closer to the original.

We all work in VR so hopefully it wont be a total pukefest. We’re developing on Rift as we have more experience with Oculus, but the plan is to release it for both. There isnt really much to show at the moment as its a spare time project. I’ve wanted to do this for yeaaaars.


Hi Eleven,
Very nice artworks!
Are you working with this guy on your project ?

You seem to have a different style so I doubt it, but just asking since the man is also working on a project involving VR…

Nope not working with him Eliot. I’m developing this with friends from my current studio. We’re building it in Unreal 4, not unity and we’re building a rail shooter. I would love to remake PD Saga but thats an insane amount of work.

Ok, that’s what I thought, just wanted to be sure.

Looking forward to see more from your work.

And feel free to share some WIP if you want:

That’s really cool. I hope you can keep the project small enough so that you actually release something. All of the past fan game attempts have petered out because they were too ambitious.

We have a trello and blog setup I’ll make public when we have more to show. Right now we have a placeholder dragon on a spline, some placeholder enemies in a whitebox world.

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Its quite small, we are planning 4 minutes of gameplay.
I’ve worked in the games industry over a decade and have seen projects like this fall apart if they’re not contained. The designer I’m working with has been working in VR a while and is basically a wizard so at least we’re not going in blind.


Looking forward to it. And I’ll be happy to share your progress on Panzer Dragoon Legacy when you’re ready to announce it to a wider audience.

Probably in a few weeks, want to have the gameplay a bit more solid :slight_smile:


Are you going to provide a non VR version of the game as well ?

Sadly not, but maybe we can re-use the assets at a later date…

Really nice! Looking forward to it. Where can people send donations?

Ah we’re just doing this for fun so haven’t considered donations. I’ll share our little development blog soon though. Progress is slow as we both have full time jobs… but its coming along :slight_smile:
Unfortunately any video I record is potato…

We have a placeholder dragon in for scale right now but Im finally working on the base mesh for the solo wing.
I want to get it back to the quality I had for the dragon I was working on before that was loosely inspired by solo wing and the orta dragons.


Looking through some old topics, I found this. I completely forgot about this project but it’s all coming back now. @Eleven, did you continue on with the project and what do you think of the recently revealed Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record?

Actually yeah we got quite far along for a playable demo, we had a blockout flying dragon in VR, he was on a rail but you could kinda pull him to bank and stuff. You could fire in all directions and kill enemies.
It didnt make me sick… thats one of the big things for me in VR.

Sadly we stopped working on it as I got offered a job as art director on Predator hunting grounds (that fell through in the end >_>) and my boyfriend works for Ubisoft now.

I keep wanting to go back to this but I’ve been pretty busy. We looked at gunner of dragoon and wasnt that impressed to be honest. But hopefully if sega are involved wildman should do a good job.