I can't believe this.... (Cyan Worlds)

Cyan apparently is no more…

Just when every Cayn fan had the right to be hyped with a new Myst game (albeit the last) coming in 18 days, a novel promised for the near future and with Cyan announcement of a new game Latus…

I don’t want to believe this will remain for long.Because if this is truely the end…


No!!The ending can never truly be written!

That’s too bad. You can take comfort in the fact that Cyan’s founders never expected Myst to sell over 50 000 copies, yet the franchise’s sales rival that of Final Fantasy and Sonic now. I think Riven was pretty much the culmination of their efforts anyway. The 4 years it took to finish the game was a very draining experience I hear. At least they were given the opportunity to finish that game in particular in their own time and in their own way. That is pratically unheard of in the games industry today.

That really is sad… the only positive aspect I can see is that Cyan managed to bring the Myst series to a proper close before this happened, which is something many creative teams wouldn’t get the chance to do in situations like this. I wonder if they purposefully made it the final game though, because they knew something like this might be coming…

That’s kind of sad but not terribly unexpected. Most people I know don’t like the Myst series.

Is Myst V still coming out?

Myst V is finished and set to be released in under three weeks, so there’s no risk of it not coming out because of this, fortunately. The problem is essentially that Ubisoft (Cyan’s publisher) can’t afford to pay Cyan to make another game, which is why they’re dissolving now, straight after Myst V’s completion…

Geoff : They worked on Uru too.Altho I can’t comment on it.

I was starting to getting used to the idea of the end of Myst.One thing that kept me from sadness was the fact Cyan was ready for a new game.That would be the first adult (since they worked before on numerous children games) non-Myst Cyan game.I sure was excited.And now… :frowning:

But I bet Rand is going comeback with the crew (or part fo it) in the future.

At least they were allowed to finish the game, get it released and bring some closure to their series. I’ve never been a huge fan of the games but I can appreciate the amount of work that goes into them.

I’ve played some of the Myst series, never had time to really get into it though, its a shame they’re gone.

That’s really sad. Like SEGAfan2005, I’ve played parts of some of the games in the series, but never really put a lot of time into them. However the Myst series is a work of art, and it really does heavily suck that they can no longer continue making such artistic games when there are so few games that don’t rely on violence as their main objective.

At least Ubisoft allowed Cyan to finish their story. That’s what separates Ubisoft from EA. Good on them.

Apparently Cyan is discussing possibilities with an unknown publisher and it looks like there might be a happy ending.Here’s hoping.I’ll keep you guys informed (do you think I care you don’t?! :P)

Imagine what it’s like to work on a game of Myst V’s caliber for years only to be fired right before its release :anjou_sigh:

Looks like not all is lost yet afterall…