I can't beat Episode 10 in Orta

Call me a n00b or whatnot, but please help me. I can totally whoop up on the first boss, but when I reach the big dragon, his pink tri blast thing is unavoidable, it seems. Help?

I don’t know if this is the last boss or whatever since i haven’t played the game through but once @ a store, but if it is what I think it is, I believe you have to hit him @ the right moment for the attack to be cancelled or something. Or i’m just way off and someone who owns the game will help you.

Hmm are you talking about the part where he fires a sort of cannons towards you through “the wall” ? Or is it afterward? Because if it’s the cannons they sure aren’t unavoidable. Try morphing to Glide Wing and double-tapping sideways as soon as you see them. But more importantly, if all else fails, try to master the battle up until that point with the least amount of damaged taken you possibly can.

The burst of homing lasers, right? If I remember right, right before unleashing them there is a very distinct sound. As soon as you hear that, hold the lock on button and then release. If I remember correctly, doing that with the proper timing will send all of your homing lasers against his, thus neutralizing the attack. It can take some practice before you get the timing right (I was hitting HIM instead of his lasers a lot at first, which sure didn’t help).

That was the hardest part of the fight for me, but once you get the timing right it’s pretty easy. Just be aware that later on in the fight, he’ll pop that attack out at random instead of just in the earlier “patterned” mode.

What he said ^

On a… very vaguely related note.

Why is Abbad inside that red heart shaped thing anyway at the start? And more importantly ;p how did he get inside it?

It has been years since I played Orta and I have forgotten most of it ;(

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it was to make the dragon stronger, in the same way the Towers do.