How was Azel awakened?

I was just wondering how Azel was awakened? Azel said that Craymen awakened her but how did he do it? Did he have an ancient age device to aid him in the awakening or was it done in another more simpler manner?

I always imagined it was some sort of button in the bed she was resting on.

If a simpler manner could be used I think she would be already awake for a long time before Craymen found her.I.e. Noise

hm, I don’t think anything could have affected her in her bed, that’s why craymen flew her out with a transporter… Doesn’t Azel mention somewhere this liquid is somehow protective and supports her logging in process?

I wonder if Craymen was hiding something that was never revealed. Maybe he knew more about ancient age technology than we think. I know this is probably a long stretch, but maybe he was a descendant of the Ancients. He must have been, to know how to awaken an ancient age drone. My only guess is that he had some sort of ancient relic or device that allowed him to awaken her. And this device would have been kept secret or concealed until Abads awakening. But I also wonder if Azel could have had some sort of panel or opening that you lift up, revealing some sort of activation unit?

Its theory time!!!

I seem to remember reading that Craymen was formally a member of the Imperial Academy, so that would explain how he gained quite a large amount of knowledge of the Ancient Age.

Not sure about the bed though.

He slapped her awake.

I would know, I made Panzer Dragoon Saga.

Let’s just say it’s fate.