How to fix the world?

Ok. You people are young. You still have the world to live in for 50 years baring horrible accidents or suicide. How do you think we should fix the world?

For a start, the main problems are:

Rage related crimes
Lust/Desire related crimes

So how would you propose solving those?

Lots of money. And a desire to help mankind. Both are lacking at the moment >.<;;

Criminals: I’m a chirstian still I think penalties for some crimes should be heavier.But no death penalty!They would be forced to do horrible things like…

…I dunno.

Poverty:Ditactorships have to be exterminated from alot of countries and then we’ll talk…

Entropy?What’s that?

Entropy is a posh word meaning “eternal change”. Basically, order cannot be maintained because the path of reality always leads to disorder. Example: a teenage guy’s bedroom.

Unfortunately all the world’s problems can not be fixed. In the end, it all comes down to human choice and free will. Basically we should do what we can: encourage people to make good choices, and more importantly, show them how these good choices can have a positive end result on themselves and others.

People suck really, thats all there is to it >.<;

People don’t suck, but some of the choices they make certainly do. That is it, in a nutshell: choice. So it is up to how people use their free will.

If people suck who/what doesn’t?

People in general suck in the choices they make. They do things more for personal gain than for others, and for the environment.

Humans are selfish beeings by nature.Even if you care more about others than yourself you are subcounciously caring about yourself since it’s the idea of other’s beeing in good condition or happy that makes YOU happy.

I see what you’re saying… but what if seeing someone else happy makes you unhappy?

Well, that kind of makes you selfish for not being able to be happy for them as well…

And this brings about a point which I’ve learnt lately: Everything can be argued for and against. Nothing is always cast in stone.

There is no answer to such a thing to sum it up. As long as people act in the way of treating others poorly and for their own personal gain, nothing can be done.
This behavior is found in animals as well, it is just a nature to be mean.
That does not make it a good nature though.

Har, its hardly a “posh” term. Its a legitimate scientific term (used in chemistry, physics, etc), but you have the basic idea of it.

To solve the worlds problems i say give everyone a copy of the graphic novel “Superman: Peace on Earth” by Paul Dini and Illustrated by Alex Ross. Definitely a great read with an extremely powerful message.

In that case you aren’t doing anything are you?I meant on a context where you were giving a choice to aid another person or not to aid.

But I guess that is beeing selfish.It’s normal.

Like I said : the human beeing can’t escape its selfish nature.EVER.

Oh and this isn’t about morality but about logic.Even when you do good you are solely thinking in the reaction it can produce on yourself (you feel good for helping).

if seeing people happy makes you unhappy then your basicly Scrooge himself aren’t you?

There is no way of getting rid of all the worlds problems, but we can improve them. No one can help being selfish, just comes along…even in the smallest parts. But can feeling good for yourself for making people happy be counted as acting selfish? I would have thought selfish was more being endulged in yourself and not thinking to much of others. If you think of others more than yourself, make them happy and then be happy yourself, it’s not really being selfish, more of a bonus for doing it really:)

Amazing. Berserker posted without mentioning HER once.

That’s right.

Like I said before, it all comes down to human choice. While there is absolutely no way we can solve all the world’s problems, we can start by making good choices individually. People can choose to help others, even if there is very little gain… but even if there is gain that doesn’t make you selfish, it’s a form of motivation.

We can blame others, our backgrounds, our species, organisations, what we believe in, our lust to survive or gain power, but ultimately it comes down to the choices we make and how we react to other peoples choices that form this world.

What I’m trying to say is that people aren’t destined to do bad things, they choose to do them themselves. You can’t blame the human species for bad things happening, we were only born with the possibility of doing these things.