How to Contribute/edit posts

How do I publish/contribute/edit drawings/music these days?

Exmaple [example], if I want to stick a drawing as a music track image?

If a contribution is unpublished, you can edit the image directly on the website.

If the contribution is already published it can only be edited by administrators. In that case, create a new topic in the Contributions forum category with the details of the change you want us to make.

It’s as simple as sticking the above drawing (by me) to the image of the “no more wandering” post/track-page.

And logging in, doesn’t seem to allow me to contribute anything anywhere. There are no contribute links anywhere; at least not as obvious as previously noticeable.

I added the image to the No More Wandering page. Although I wonder if we should remove some of the whitespace to make Azel more centred?

For contributing new content and managing drafts, I’ve set up an Admin Panel, accessible under “Contributor Access”.

Thanks. No need to crop. It’s fine.

when trying to submit… met with this:

Can you please provide some more information about what you were trying to submit? If you share the relevant files in Dropbox or another file sharing service I can try adding them to the site myself.