How possible is it

Thats I will ever get to play Panzer Dragoon Saga? I know it is very rare, but I really want to play it. I really think they sould consider re-releasing it before Sammy buys Sega.

It’s already done.Check the Holy District forum for it’s topic.

Yes I agree that a masterpiece such as Saga must not be lost and should be re-released in the future.

Btw welcome Lagi :slight_smile:

it is regularly being sold on various online auctions, though you should be prepared to pay $60-120 (though typically $80-100).

so it’s not all that hard to find or obtain if you just save up some cash.

Are there any saturn roms?

I also have never played saga(just zwei and 1). Though I’m prolly screwed cause I have a powerbook.