How Panzer Dragoon Defined the Sega Saturn Era


New article from Kotaku…


It’s interesting Futatsugi mentioned wanting to aquire the license. If anyone would be able to create a new PD RPG, he would be the one to make it happen. Probably a dream at this point, but would be cool regardless!


I think if these shooter remakes go well, the next logical step would be to remake Saga. Futatsugi has expressed interest in doing so in the past. If we can have a Kickstarted Shenmue III, why not the same for a PDS remake? Given how few people played Saga, it might make more sense than developing a new Panzer RPG from scratch.


Amazing interview

SEGA really need to make a Saturn Mini and include the entire Panzer Dragoon series on it. Given it be emu based, there’s no issues over needing the source code , or over ROM’s given SEGA is the owner. Other than that maybe SEGA could look into doing a print run of Saga again for the Saturn, given how cool and in vogue retro is