How Panzer Dragoon Defined the Sega Saturn Era

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It’s interesting Futatsugi mentioned wanting to aquire the license. If anyone would be able to create a new PD RPG, he would be the one to make it happen. Probably a dream at this point, but would be cool regardless!

I think if these shooter remakes go well, the next logical step would be to remake Saga. Futatsugi has expressed interest in doing so in the past. If we can have a Kickstarted Shenmue III, why not the same for a PDS remake? Given how few people played Saga, it might make more sense than developing a new Panzer RPG from scratch.

Amazing interview

SEGA really need to make a Saturn Mini and include the entire Panzer Dragoon series on it. Given it be emu based, there’s no issues over needing the source code , or over ROM’s given SEGA is the owner. Other than that maybe SEGA could look into doing a print run of Saga again for the Saturn, given how cool and in vogue retro is

I have no idea what this is about but it’s some nice Saturn/Panzer love all the same (maybe it’s some kind of SEGA Saturn-only novelty store in Japan or something, or a pop up store, whatever it is folks do there).

Lovely widescreen '90s SEGA pictured too. Lol, died @ the first boss, come on lady :stuck_out_tongue:

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What do you want? :slight_smile:

Either way, some serious money needs to be involved. If Sega does anything they won’t want to redirect their developers to something that might fail even with a mysterious outside Sega investor.

You suggested buying the whole franchise rights via Sony. That could be done. Personally I would rather work with Sega out of respect for all involved.

I think we should make a new RPG, but a remake of Saga could work as well.

I am tired of all this looking back with no future. This article here, and I am being honest, feels like vultures picking away at bones.

I will try and write some ideas down on a new PD RPG and why it is a good idea for Sega with their current politics.

The next step is to crowd fund the PDVR game later this year. I hope fans will join in on that. As for a new RPG or a remake of Saga, we’ll see, but these current remakes will need to succeed in order for larger projects to be considered.

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Small steps are good. Do really think the story can be continued though? It did seem to come to a conclusion. Anyway, I don’t want to derail you too much.

For me, the Saturn came to life during its final years. If you look at games like Dead or Alive, or Tokyo Highway battle 97 (or for non-Japanese gamers Sonic R and Steep Slope Sliders), the Saturn was starting to be competitive in a mainstream way, then it died, which was tragic. Those games should have been normal from the start.

I’m not sure that we need a direct continuation, but there’s plenty of room for another story to be told in that world if someone chooses to go in that direction. Orta’s ending left open the possibility of there being more dragons, and the Ancient technology still persists. So there’s plenty of source material to use as the foundation for a new game, which could be a loose continuation of the existing story (as one possibility). A soft reboot would be my preference.

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